An Interview with Gluten Free Blogger Angela Coleby

Introducing interviews! Today we are excited to share our first ever interview on Gluten Bee.

We wanted to launch this category so you can learn directly from some of the world’s leading gluten free bloggers, industry professionals, doctors, and other interesting people studying the field.

To start the category off we’ve interviewed Angela Coleby. Angela is the founder of Divalicious Recipes, a low carb and gluten free blog with recipes, advice, and other useful resources. She also runs Another Rum Punch where she talks about her expat life and the joys of shopping on an island.

Keep reading to hear Angela’s story, find out what her favorite gluten free restaurant is, and much more!


1. When did you start eating gluten free? Why?

Back in 2011. I had decided to follow a healthier way of life and as I cut out bread and baked goods found myself better for it. If I slipped I found that any gluten products would cause bloating and did not digest very well.


2. How has your life changed since you’ve started eating gluten free?

Angela Coleby Interview

It’s introduced me to many different flours and started my love of coconut flour. I love to be creative with it and never without a bag of it in my fridge.


3. What is your favorite recipe you’ve ever made?

My flourless chocolate cake. Only a few ingredients give a delicious, fudge-like cake that makes me purr like a kitten!


4. When did you start Divalicious Recipes? Did you have any inspirations?

I started Divalicious Recipes when I was living in Dubai and started on a healthier path of eating. The site was originally called Divalicious in Dubai, but I had to change the name once we kept moving countries. There were a few other food bloggers in Dubai that had delicious recipes and photos that inspired me to start a food blog.


5. Where are you living in the world now? Is it challenging to live gluten free there?

tropical beach island

I am currently in Aruba but will be moving to the British Virgin Islands in a couple of months. Eating gluten free in Aruba is surprisingly easy and most of my baking products are stocked by shops. I might have to drive around the island to source them though. The main restaurants here are very good and very informed about the correct preparation of gluten free meals. I had started to create a gluten free website for Aruba but in all honesty it is not needed as there are many options available for those wishing to eat gluten free. So that project was cancelled!


6. Do you have any tips for people who are just starting to eat gluten free?

zucchini chips gluten free snack

Don’t think to yourself what you can’t have and look what you can have. If there is a food that you love but cannot eat now, then look for a gluten free alternative. The food world can be very creative.

7. What is your favorite gluten free snack?

Coconut flour flatbread as it’s great with a dip or rolled up as a wrap, as well as being very filling.


8. Do you have any favorite gluten free brands?

Better Body Foods do a great range of products that have a good standard.


9. What is your favorite gluten free restaurant in the whole world?

Oooh, too many to choose from…would have to be Pad Thai in Dubai. They have a great gluten free menu and you access the restaurant by boat.


10. Can you share more about your time in Barbados and your site Barbados Gluten Free?

barbados gluten free blog and website

My husband’s work brought us to Barbados where we lived for 3 years. Upon arrival, I frantically searched all over the island for my gluten free flours. I found the lack of online information for this was rather poor.

So, I sat down and created the website which serves as a guide for residents and tourists on where to eat and shop for gluten free products. Most of the emails with queries come from tourists so I know that I was not the only one frantically searching where to shop and eat.

It’s also a good platform to promote local restaurants and cafes that cater for those who eat gluten free rather than the larger hotels as there are some great small businesses there who deserve a visit. Island Plates is an absolute must visit!


11. Do you have any books or other projects you’d like to share?

gluten free snacks jalapeno cheese biscuits

As well as my eBooks on the site, my next project will be a Christmas recipe book. However, that can’t get started until I move and get settled. I will be back to searching another island for my cooking products!


12. Have any other parting wisdom for Gluten Bee readers? 🙂

Eat, be creative and enjoy! Don’t feel deprived by what you can’t have to eat but embrace what you can create.


Keeping up with Angela Coleby

Keep up with Angela and all of her projects from the links below!


Hope you enjoyed our first interview! We’ll have more soon. Who would you like to see next? Leave a comment below with your favorite gluten free bloggers.

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