Are Fever-Tree Mixers Gluten Free?

Fever-Tree is a growing mixers company that makes premium tonic waters, ginger ales, sparkling waters, and other mixers for use with cocktails. Here’s more of the story on how the company started:

‘Our co-founders Charles and Tim, working in different parts of the drinks business, had both spotted that premium spirits were growing quickly, fuelled by consumers’ increasing awareness of the provenance of what they ate and drank.

However, this growing interest in premium food and drink had seemed to neglect mixers, a crucial element of the drinks industry that remained flat. It struck them both as extraordinary that people were paying a good deal of money for a high-quality spirit, yet had no choice but drown it with a poor-quality mixer.’

Let’s see if Fever-Tree Drinks contain any wheat/gluten ingredients. We’ll find out below . . .

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Are Fever-Tree Mixers Gluten Free?



Yes, we browsed through the Fever-Tree product catalog and could not find any products containing wheat, gluten, or gluten containing ingredients. Fever-Tree products are ‘Non-GMO certified. Naturally sourced ingredients. No artificial sweeteners or colors.’

*We included a star because these products are not labeled gluten free and we could not find any gluten free information on the Fever-Tree website. Regardless, we did not find any products containing wheat/gluten allergens in the Fever-Tree product catalog. We also found other sites/shops with gluten free labels, so we believe these are gluten free.

Below is a list of all the Fever-Tree Mixers we could find that were free from wheat/gluten ingredients.


Fever-Tree GF Drinks List

  • Premium Tonic Water
  • Refreshingly Light Premium Tonic Water
  • Mediterranean Tonic Water
  • Ginger Beer
  • Refreshingly Light Ginger Beer
  • Ginger Ale*
  • Refreshingly Light Ginger Ale*
  • Sparkling Lime & Yuzu
  • Blood Orange Ginger Beer
  • Elderflower Tonic Water
  • Refreshingly Light Cucumber Tonic Water
  • Lemon Tonic
  • Club Soda
  • Sparkling Sicilian Lemonade
  • Sparkling Pink Grapefruit
  • Distillers Cola

*Contains Caramel, unsure of source, but product is labeled GF on Drizly.


fever-tree drink mixers

Photo: Fever-Tree Facebook page


Fever-Tree Ginger Beer Ingredients

Carbonated Spring Water, Sugar, Ginger Root, Natural Ginger Flavours, Acid: Tartaric Acid, Antioxidant: Ascorbic Acid. (source)


Fever-Tree Ginger Beer Nutrition Facts

Serv. Size: 1 can or 200ml, Amount Per Serving: Calories 80, Total Fat 0g, Sodium 0mg, Total Carb. 20g, Sugars 18g, Protein 0g.

Visit the official Fever-Tree website here to learn more:

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