Are Kona Spiked Island Seltzers Gluten Free?

Kona Brewing Co. is a popular brewing company from Hawaii known for their renowned Big Wave Golden Ale. With the recent surge in popularity for seltzers, Kona decided to get in on the action by launching their Spiked Island Seltzers!

With Kona being so popular already, their spiked seltzers are surely to make an impression. So we’re wondering . . .

Are Kona Spiked Island Seltzers Gluten Free?

The Answer is: YES


Yes, Kona Spiked Island Seltzers are gluten free, as confirmed on their website. Kona Brewing Co. states: ‘Kona Spiked Island Seltzers have zero sugar and are naturally gluten free.’ (source)

If you have Celiac Disease or any other gluten related allergy/intolerance, you can assure that Kona Spiked Island Seltzers are gluten free and safe for you to drink.


Kona Spiked Island Seltzer Flavors

  • Tropical Punch

  • Starfruit Lime

  • Strawberry Guava

  • Passionfruit Orange Guava



Carbonated filtered water | Alcohol from organic cane sugar | Natural flavors


Nutritional Information

Calories 100 | Carbs (grams) 2 | Sugar (grams) 0 | Fat (grams) 0 | Protein (grams) 0 | Per 12 FL oz. Average Analysis by Kona Brewing Co.

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