Are Mike and Ikes Gluten Free?

Mike and Ike is a brand of fruit-flavored candies. Mike and Ike are made up of five flavours, including Cherry, Lemon, Lime, Orange, and Strawberry.

They are known for their slogan: It’s fruity, it’s chewy, it’s FRUCHEWY!®

Let’s find out if these fruit-flavoured candies are gluten-free.

Are Mike and Ikes Candies Gluten Free?

The Answer is: YES

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Yes, they are free of gluten, but you do need to be very careful with this one as the answer given is not definitive.

According to JustBorn( the company behind the Mike and Ikes candy brand- source

We offer many gluten-free products under the MIKE AND IKE®, HOT TAMALES®, PEEPS®, GOLDENBERG’S® PEANUT CHEWS®, TEENEE BEANEE® and JUST BORN® brands and we are in the process of updating package labels to include gluten-free statements where appropriate.  The modified food starch that we use in our candies is corn starch.  However, because some of our products may be manufactured and/or packaged in a facility that may also handle non gluten-free products, we encourage consumers to read the labels carefully for the most up-to-date ingredient and allergen information.  For further questions, please call our Consumer Relations Team.

We would recommend that you check the packaging labels if you are very sensitive to gluten. Many Mike and Ike products are now labelled gluten free.

Mike and Ike Flavors

  • MIKE AND IKE® Original Fruits

  • MIKE AND IKE® Strawberries ‘n Cream

  • MIKE AND IKE® Cherri and Bubb®


  • MIKE AND IKE® Sundae Sweets

mike n ike candy

Photo: Mike and Ike website

MIKE AND IKE® Original Fruits Ingredients

sugar, corn syrup, modified food starch, pear juice from concentrate, contains less than 0.5% of the following ingredients: citric acid, malic acid, sodium citrate, confectioner’s glaze, carnauba wax, white mineral oil, natural and artificial flavors, magnesium hydroxide, red #40, yellow #5 (tartrazine), yellow #6, blue #1 – source

Nutritional Facts

A 22g pack MIKE AND IKE® Original Fruits contains 80 calories. This consist of 20g carbs, 0g protein, 0g fat and 0.15g sodium.

For more information on Mike and Ike head over to the official website here: You can also get more information on the JustBorn, the company behind the Mike and Ikes candy brand here.


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