Are Pringles Gluten Free?

Pringles are one of the most popular snack foods in the world, produced by Kellogg’s. Pringles come in tons of flavors, including variations like Pringles Stix and Pringles Loud.


A lot of people are interested in knowing their gluten free snack options when making lunches or going to the store, which is why we decided to answer the question:

Are Pringles Gluten Free?

The answer is: NO


All Pringles’ products contain wheat as a main ingredient in the cracker. This includes every flavor of Pringles, Pringles Stix, Pringles Lightly Salted, and Pringles Loud.

You can view a digital database of all Pringles products here to see specific ingredients and allergen information for each product.




pringles products

Photo: Pringles US Website


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6 thoughts on “Are Pringles Gluten Free?”

    • Definitely agree with you on that. A similar alternative would be Lays Stax, but they just aren’t quite the same. :/

  1. If you’re looking for a great alternative, try “The Good Crisp Company”‘s Flavored Potato Crisps. As with all (certified) GF foodstuffs, it’s more expensive, but the taste is almost 100% dead-on.


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