Are Seabrook Crisps Gluten Free?

Seabrook Crisps is a UK brand of crisps that were produced in Brandford, North England and later become extremely popular in wider North England.

The brand of crips has grown and become synonymous with quality. Furthermore, the continued demand for these quality crisp has allowed the company to expand its distribution throughout the UK.

Seabrooks is best known for its bold flavours and typically have a much stronger flavour delivery than its competitors.

Let’s find out if this quality brand of Crisps is gluten free.

Are Seabrooks Crisps Gluten-Free?

The Answer is: YES*


In Seabrooks, own words:

All our flavours are gluten free
All varieties of Seabrook crisps are gluten free and vegetarian!

Seabrooks is a great choice of crisp if you are sensitive to gluten and seeking a potato-based snack to quench your hunger.

* Multiple comments from readers indicate that these are not gluten free. Read more in the comments section below.


seabrook crisps flavors gluten free

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Seabrooks Flavours

Here is a list of the main flavors of Seabrook Crisps. Most of the flavors are available in a choice of crinckle cut and straight cut.

  • Sea Salted

  • Sea Salt & Vinegar

  • Prawn Cocktail

  • Cheese & Onion

  • Beefy

  • Cream Cheese & Chives

  • Canadian Ham

  • Lamb & Mint

You can find more exclusive and limited edition flavours on their website here. All flavors are indeed gluten free.

Sea Salted Potato Crisps Ingredients

Potatoes, Sunflower Oil (30%), Sea Salt

Nutritional Information

A 25g portion of Seabrooks Sea Salted contains 131 calories. This consist of 13.7g carbs, 1.5g protein, 0.5g sugar and 0.3g salt – source

For more information on Seabrooks Crisps, check out their website here:


4 thoughts on “Are Seabrook Crisps Gluten Free?”

  1. No, they are not gluten free. I am highly sensitive to gluten (can’t tolerate 20ppm) and I have a reaction to these crisps. There is cross-contamination/gluten somewhere in the ingredients/manufacturing. These make me ill. They use yeast extract which I suspect is the source of gluten. Coeliac UK tell them it’s ok even though most likely from wheat/grain source (brewers yeast), but it is not.

  2. I’ve come here because I feel I’ll again after eating seabrook plain crisps. How do a company get away with this? Who tests to check they are gluten free?

  3. I have tried these seabrook crisps and I am ill every time not going to eat anymore of them there must be something in their manufacturing causing this reaction


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