Are Skittles Gluten Free?

“Experience the Rainbow. Taste the Rainbow.” You may have heard this phrase before about the popular candy, Skittles. Produced by the W. Wrigley J. Company, these chewy and tangy treats are enjoyed by hundreds of millions around the world!


With Halloween coming up and so many people searching for good gluten free candy, we decided to answer the question:

Are Skittles Gluten Free?

The answer is: YES

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According to the Mars Wrigley website, you can see the official ingredients in Skittles here. Skittles contain no gluten or wheat ingredients or byproducts (including Barley, wheat based maltodextrin, etc.). In the United States, Skittles are labeled Gluten Free and Gelatin Free.

This includes a variety of Skittles flavors, not just original! These Skittles flavors are gluten free:

  • Skittles Original
  • Skittles Wild Berry
  • Skittles Tropical
  • Skittles Sour
  • Skittles Orchards
  • Skittles Brightside
  • Skittles Sweet Heat
  • Skittles Sweets and Sours
  • Skittles Flavor Mash-Ups

These products are all labeled Gluten Free and Gelatin Free in the US. Many of them have the same ingredients with minor flavor changes. For the Skittles Sweet Heat flavor a confirmation of the gluten free label can be seen on Amazon.

If you are still unsure or have other questions, you can call the Mars Wrigley Confectionery at this number: 1-800-974-4539

You can also contact Mars by email contact form here.

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Photo: Mars, Inc. website


Top Questions about Skittles

Q. How many Skittles are produced each day?

A. According to the Mars website, ‘over 200 million Skittles® candies are produced on a daily basis’.

Q. Where can I buy Skittles?

A. Go to the Skittles brand on the Mars website and click the ‘WHERE TO BUY’ button to find a way to buy Skittles near you.

Q. How many flavors of Skittles are there?

A. Mars currently displays eight unique flavors of Skittles on their website, with a ninth Skittles Mash-Ups product page for mixed packs of the various flavors.


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