Are Tyrrells Crisps Gluten Free?

Tyrrells was founded in Herefordshire, in the United Kingdom in 2002 by farmer and entrepreneur William Chase. Within several years of its creation, Tyrrells expanded its market into Europe and later into the U.S.

Tyrrells has received numerous awards for the taste and quality of its crisps, both in England, as well as internationally. In May 2018, KP Snacks acquired Tyrrells.

Tyrrells produces a number of different types of crisps, popcorn and tortilla. As of April 2019 they produce 25 flavours of potato and vegetable crisps

So now you know a few facts about Tyrrells. And, inside secret – I am a MASSIVE fan of Tyrell’s chips!

The question: Are Tyrrells crisps gluten-free?

Answer: YES

Tyrells Crisps

Tyrrells use no artificial ingredients and are hand-cooked in England.

Packed in a protective atmosphere to keep things super crunchy. Most importantly they are gluten free. They have also made the effort to make sure this is clearly labelled on each pack. Always check before consuming

Nutritional facts can be found here.

Base ingredients – obviously gluten free – Potatoes, sunflower oil, salt. That’s it!

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