Best Gluten-Free Beers Roundup + [And They’re Tasty Too]

Coming up with gluten-free beers has not been easy. Brewing a beer that anyone with gluten intolerance can comfortably take demands a thorough search for the right ingredients. Most of which are from farm products, including millet, sorghum, or rice.

Several brewing companies noted the need to make something that would make a gluten intolerant person have some moments of fun. The best news is that they are making different flavors of gluten-free beer, and therefore one isn’t limited to one beer. Most of these beers have no different taste, and you will hardly notice a difference from regular beers.

Have you been wanting to have a taste of gluten-free beer but not sure which one to go for? Here are some of the best gluten-free beers to try. See the full gluten free alcohol list here →

Best Gluten-Free Beers Roundup



The summer season is here, and you will be taking an extended break from work. You will need something to keep you cool and high. Two-tribes beer is the best you can have during such moments. This gluten-free beer is hazy and boasts a straw color. Though it’s slightly bitter, the fresh aroma and herbal taste will make you glad that you bought it.

Glutenberg Blonde Ale

If you are a beer lover, you will appreciate the complexity of this gluten-free drink. It may look simple, but it’s well refined to meet your expectations. The clear golden color topped with an effervescent foam will entice you to keep on pouring into your glass. This drink is easy to drink and contains corn, herbal hops, and apple taste. The best part of this gluten-free beer is that it is versatile and will pair with several cuisines and dishes.

Omission Lager

Enjoy refreshing afternoons with the Omission lager gluten-free beer. The brewing of this crisp beer is traditional, and therefore it is ideal for any occasion. It is the best you can have if you like an easy-drinking style. Its tasting notes are fruity and hoppy, and you can pair it with fish or chicken.

Two Brother Gluten-free Beer

If you had a long day at work and want to relax, a bottle of two brother will come through for you. This gluten-free beer is independently crafted and has Saaz and Golding hops that make it drinkable. Though it is slightly bitter, it is highly flavored, clean, and will generously refresh you. Two brother is well paired with greens, salads or nuts. Retire home to a moment of relaxation with the two brother beer.

Bellfield Gluten-free Beer

This is one of the best Scottish gluten-free drinks you have ever tasted. It boasts a flavor of malt and sweet biscuits, and therefore the taste is irresistible. The hit of hops in it will tempt you to drink yourself away into midnight. If you have a Celiac beer-loving buddy, get this gluten-free beer for them, and your bond will remain tight.

Holidaily Brewing Beula Beer

As its name suggests, you might be drinking this gluten-free beer daily. It comes in Amber and red Ale versions. This gluten-free beer features some touch of malt, floral hop smell, and caramel. It is available in different sizes and is safe for your health.

RedBridge Gluten-free Lager

This Missouri brewed beer was made with your health in mind, and therefore you can drink it without any worry. It is made with sorghum giving it a well-balanced taste with the moderation that any beer lover would want to have. This beer comes in three tasting notes, grainy, fruity, and toasty, and you can pair it with cheese or pork.

Purity Gluten-free Beer

Fruit beers are great, and you will appreciate the way they refresh you. The Purity gluten-free beer is made with grapes and has a bitter taste and some flavor. This beer is best taken when the weather is hot and you don’t have much engagement. It comes in handy in boosting your nervous system.

Ghostfish Shrouded Summit White Beer

Ghostfish gluten-free beats the taste of any ordinary beer you have ever tasted. It is brewed from rice, buckwheat, and millet, and therefore it won’t jeopardize your health. The aroma of Ghostfish has been improved by citrus and juniper additions. Moreover, it is best to take it on those days when you feel weak and unmotivated because it comes with a gift of high energy levels. Take a can of it on those long mounting or hiking days, and you will be glad you did.

Ipswich Celia Saison

This is a natural, gluten-free beer whose main ingredient is sorghum. It features a finish that is crispy hoppy and goes well with any type of meat. Also, the brewers add Celia hops and Curacao orange peels to it to make it tastier and refreshing. Enjoy your world of drinking with this Belgium beer, and you will always be happy.

Siren Futurist Gluten-free Beer

If you have been searching for a beer that will go well with any occasion or season, pick Siren. This gluten-free beer has five different types of hops with stone fruits, pines, and citrus not excluded. Also, the beer has an oats addition which makes it soft. Siren is a sure way of calming down and keeping your focus.


There has been a great revolution in the beer-making industry. The availability of gluten-free beer is enough evidence of the efforts that brewing companies have made. Unlike before, it is easier to enter into a beer-selling store and get something that has no gluten. Most brewing companies ensure that nothing with gluten enters their facilities, which is a great assurance for the beer consumers.

If you have been having gluten intolerance issues or want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this article has discussed the best beers you can go for. They are tasty, refreshing, and perfect for increasing your energy levels. Additionally, their colors make them irresistible, and you might be holding a glass every time you are free. Love and treat yourself to any of these gluten-free beers, and you won’t regret it.


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