Best Gluten-Free Chinese Recipes That Are Tasty And Healthy

Are you taking a break from work and wondering how you will spend most of your free time? Trying out the Chinese gluten-free recipes won’t be a bad idea. This is more so if you are allergic to gluten or want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most Chinese recipes are made using natural ingredients, and you can be assured of many health benefits.

After research and trying different recipes, we have come up with the best gluten-free Chinese recipes you can explore. Most of them are easy to make and delicious.

Let’s have a look at them.

The Best Gluten Free Chinese Recipes

Gluten-free Won Ton Wrappers by Nicole Hunn

Nicole is a great nutritionist and chef. In one of her quotes, she said that if food can be made with gluten, it can also be made without gluten. This sounded like a new dawn for people with Celiac and allergies. The gluten-free won ton wrappers are laborious to make but can be done in stages. Once served, you will be amazed by your family’s incredible reaction, and before you know it, everyone will be requesting for more.

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Gluten-free Sesame Chicken by Huhn

This Chinese recipe brings your search for easy to cook recipes to an end. Besides, it will quench your craving for a Chinese meal. This recipe has been developed with your health in mind, and it is far much tastier than what you have been having in restaurants. Also, it’s versatile and light, and therefore you can enjoy it with anything.

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Gluten-free Chicken Chow Mein by Becky Excell

Becky has been a gluten-free recipe creator for a long time, and she developed this recipe with enough awareness of how much people needed it. This is a main course dish and serves two people. Besides, it’s easy to fix, and within 40 minutes, you will be out of the kitchen.

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Gluten-free Chinese Chicken Curry by Excell

Your taste buds will be elated with this chicken curry. It might be the reason you will stop visiting that Chinese restaurant across the road. The chicken is tender and soaked in peas and carrots, making it versatile to veggie lovers. You can have the curry with rice or with chips.

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Vegan Sesame Tofu by Rhian

There is no difference between this Sesame Tofu dish and the restaurant version since it’s equally delicious. However, when you make it in your kitchen, it will be more fun. This dish is made using plant ingredients, and it’s a perfect deal for your family. Everything about it is a whole new experience, from the flavor to the tanginess to the crispy effect. It is the best for a gluten-free person.

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Chinese Crispy Pork Belly by Elaine

This is the best and adds up as a good choice for the summer lunch among all the Cantonese dishes. The steps are simplified, and therefore you will be done in less than an hour. It is healthy and ideal for anyone with sugar challenges. Chef Ellaine has many years of experience with most Chinese meals.

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Gluten-free Prawn Taste by Schar

This is the real deal for the lovers of prawns and has come through for sensitive ones. You can have it as an addition to your lunch or as an appetizer. The good thing about it is that you can refrigerate it for up to one month. This means that you can make several and be picking one after a day. The menu below is for ten people and will take you 25 minutes to cook.

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Gluten-free Spicy Chinese Noodles by Kristina

This is a combination of noodles and veggies mixed with flavors for taste. It has some touch of garlic and chili and is the best if you are a spicy person. Compared to the take-outs you have been getting from the Chinese restaurant in your neighborhood, this is healthier. It doesn’t have gluten, salt, and unhealthy fats. The veggies are soft and tender and will be liked by your kids. The meal is also versatile, and you can change by adding some chicken, scrambled eggs, and bacon.

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Sriracha Chicken Sausage by Kitchenaid

Unlock a package of nutrition by having this Chinese meal. It is simply delicious, and you won’t regret having it. If your weekdays are tight, this is the perfect dish to fix once in a while. With only 11 ingredients, and within one hour, you will be treating yourself to the most delicious Chinese delicacy.

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Gluten-free Chinese Almond Cookies by Ann

Ann is the owner of a Food Centric company and has been developing recipes since 2009. One of her greatest achievements came when she developed gluten-free recipes, including the Almond cookies. This cookie is perfect for the four o’clock tea break and will calm your nerves when taken with coffee. The almond flavor is incredible, and trying out the recipe will be a plus for your family.

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Chinese Dumplings by Tracey

This recipe is a great way of engaging with your family and kids by enlisting them in making it. You will have not only fun but also a touch of flavor and great taste. You can fry or cook them, and they will still be delicious either way. If you wish to take them with meat, pork or chicken would be the best. However, you can still have them with veggies.

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And that wraps up our guide on the best gluten-free Chinese recipes. While gluten-free foods are a sacrifice, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite foods. You don’t have to try them all, but it would be great if you did. And in case you make some inventions during your experiments, feel free to share your extra tips with other chefs.

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