Best Gluten-Free Pizza Recipes For Pizza Lovers

Gluten intolerance and celiac disease have been on the rise recently. This has dictated most people’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Many have adapted to gluten-free foods, especially those with some dietary limitations or allergies.

Are you a pizza lover? This article will confirm to you that you can still enjoy pizzas without a touch of gluten. It will discuss the best gluten-free pizza recipes made by some of the best chefs. You will hardly note a change of taste in any pizza made using the recipes. Let’s have a look at them. Cover image by: Chad Montano


Best Gluten-Free Pizza Recipes


Kale Pesto Pizza By Jessica Hylton

Photo: Jessica Hylton

This is a perfect combo of both health and yumminess. The kale pesto pizza is easy to make and flexible, and therefore you can add as many things as you wish. It is the best gluten-free option you could make for your family.

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Yeast-free Gluten-free Pizza By Nicole Hunn

Photo: Nicole Hunn

If you are wondering what you can fix fast in the kitchen after a long day, this pizza is your option. Nicole developed this pizza with allergic people in mind. It is healthy and easy to make for a hungry family. You can confirm this by going through each step in the recipe.

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Zucchini Flat Bread Pizza By Love Flaura

Photo: Love Laura

Do you like to eat lots of veggies? This pizza is the real deal for you. Its top is layered with almost all types of veggies and potatoes baked to a golden brown. Love Flaura developed it knowing that you will need something quick to fix for lunch.

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Gluten-Free Sesame Pizza With Onions By Kristina Stosek

Photo: Kristina Stosek

This is an extra special pizza whose crust is made with sesame seeds. However, it doesn’t have some cheese, but you won’t notice. The recipe will take you 20 minutes, and the pizza has eight slices. Kristina is a culinary professional and has come through for many people with celiac or allergies.

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New York Style Pizza By Stosek

Photo: Stosek

Fifteen minutes and you will be out of the kitchen with this pizza ready. You will love it for the basil sauce flavored top and its gluten-free crust. You need to treat your family to this pizza if you haven’t. The ingredients needed are easy to find, and most of them might be in your kitchen garden.

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Black Bean Pizza By Jenne Claiborne

Photo: Jenne Caliborne

It took Jenne two years to come up with this delicious gluten-free pizza. It’s a definition of flavor and health that you would keep on making every time you are home. This pizza is among the few pizzas made with beans in the food industry.

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Buffalo Cauliflower Kale Pizza by Shanika

Photo: Shanika

Your search for a friendly recipe for your family comes to an end here. This pizza is topped with some cheese, kales, mozzarella, and buffalo sauce, and will leave you yearning for more. This also makes it the best option for vegetarians. Find more about the recipe on Shanika’s site.

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Vegan Pizza With Mushrooms By Rachel

Photo: Rachel

You will love the combination of this gluten-free pizza. The mushroom and the onions in it will make your taste buds grateful. Rachel has made it with a tomato sauce topping and mozzarella. The chef understood that a gluten-free lifestyle is not easy, so she came with an easy-to-follow recipe. With only five ingredients and 30 minutes, you will be in your dining room enjoying this delicious pizza.

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Tempeh Tikka Masala Pizza By Vegan Richa

Photo: Vegan Richa

You will not resist the taste of this pizza and might be addicted to it. It has been made with a play of ingredients and professionalism. Vegan Richa came up with this and similar gluten-free foods after realizing that most people are concerned about their health. Being an Indian, the chef develops most of her recipes with plant products. One feature of this pizza crust is its softness and airiness.

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Sweet Potato Pizza By Bowl

Photo: Bowl

Experience a smooth taste and health in this pizza crust. Bowl knew that searching for a gluten-free pizza isn’t a walk in the park, and that’s why he developed this pizza. However, this recipe halts your search because you can create the sweet potato pizza with only five ingredients. Besides being healthy, this recipe is easy to make.

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Waffle Pizzas By Mitchell Blackwood

Photo: Mitchell Blackwood

If you have kids who are allergic and you usually struggle getting something easy to fix, this is your option. The waffle pizzas are children-friendly and healthy. Mitchell developed this recipe after undergoing serious health challenges. Her goal ever since has been to offer people easier and healthier feeding options. Most of her recipes are made with natural ingredients, and therefore you can count on the pizza for health benefits.

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Broccoli Oat Pizza By Libby Bloom

Photo: Lilly Bloom

Challenge your cooking prowess by trying the recipe for broccoli pizza. Libby is a nutritionist and has specialized in gluten-free meals. The pizza is dense and comes with loads of benefits. With its recipe, you will easily learn to make a pizza crest without struggle step by step.

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Pepperoni Pizza By Adam Bush

Photo: Adam Bush

This pizza is top-notch thanks to its crispy, thin dough that bubbles which makes it unique. It is made with natural ingredients, and the chef knows how to give it a taste that’s no different from the usual pizza. The chef, Adam Bush, is a trained chef and has skills in making healthy meals without jeopardizing people’s health.

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There is much that you stand to gain from gluten-free pizzas. Your energy levels will increase, your insulin will be controlled, and you will not have to worry about acne. Many chefs have become aware of these advantages and many more, and that’s why they are tirelessly developing more gluten-free pizza recipes. This article has generously discussed some of these recipes, and you will be glad you tried them out. And if you developed your own, or know a recipe we haven’t shared, sharing is caring 😊.

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