Best Gluten-Free Sides and Side Dishes For Every Meal

The gluten-free lifestyle has become common. For some, it is by choice, but others are due to medical conditions like Celiac disease. This has prompted gluten-free people to be picky and settle only for what has no gluten. This is why you will find most of them having a gluten-free main dish and a side dish of the same.

Gluten-free side dishes are easy, simple, and fun to make, mainly because their ingredients are common. You can make them from beans, grains or vegetables. They are natural, versatile for any occasion, and, most importantly, healthy.

Have you been considering going gluten-free but don’t know what to choose? This article is your ultimate read. It has a roundup of the best gluten-free sides and side dishes you have ever tasted. They all pair well with your main dish, leaving you with unforgettable memories. Let us look at them in detail.

Best Gluten-Free Sides and Side Dishes

Mushroom Stir Fry and Bok Choy

These gluten-free side dishes are full of flavor, with the Bok choy being quite inviting. It comes out best if you dry the Bok choy thoroughly before cooking. It is best taken with a heavy main meal of meat and some brown rice. The recipe for this side dish should serve four people and takes you 20 minutes to cook. This side dish is versatile and fits well for vegetarians.

Stir-fried Cabbage with Peas and Red Pepper


This is a quick and straightforward gluten-free side dish that will elevate your dining mood. It is made with coconut and curry leaves that make it tasty and boast the touch of an Indian dish. The cabbage is soft enough because it is cooked for a longer time. Enjoy this dish with pasta and chicken, and you will have a hearty evening.

Gluten-free Indian Chopped Salad

This is a combination of ground cumin, lime juice, and vegetables. The salad is made in an Indian style and has some fantastic taste. It doesn’t require much cooking, and it’s a healthier option to accompany your main dish.

Gluten-free Roasted Potatoes and Broccoli

This is a perfect side dish that will go well with any meal. The broccoli and potato side dish cover two groups of food, and that’s the best part of it. If you have the ingredients in your kitchen, it will take you only 20 minutes to have the side dish fixed. You may be asking if the potatoes will cook simultaneously with broccoli, and yes, they will. This combo is best taken with dry meals, and you can sprinkle pepper on it.

Gluten-free Coleslaw


This side dish comes with a creamy and crunchy texture topped up with some flavored sweetness. The raw cabbages and onions serenading in the creamy dressing will have your taste buds thanking you. This side dish is suitable for barbeque or cornbread.

Gluten-free Mashed Potatoes

You will appreciate the yumminess that this gluten-free side dish comes with. You might be wondering if potatoes are gluten-free. Yes, they are. This side dish is classic, smooth, satisfying and you can have it in any season. The butter addition makes it tender enough even for young babies. These gluten-free mashed potatoes go well with some gravy or gluten-free beef stew.

Gluten-Free Pasta Salad

Welcome to a dish of colorful, fresh, and delicious gluten-free pasta salad. This is a versatile side dish, and you can have it with any gluten- free main dish. Most people like it when it’s tossed in protein for an extra taste. No better way to feed your family than by including this side dish in their dinner or lunch.

Cheesy Potatoes

Your search for a perfect holiday meal comes to an end with the cheesy potato side dish. The side dish is gluten-free and won’t compromise your health, and you can prepare the potatoes at night before baking them. They are best served with a complete gluten-free meal.

Gluten-free Crockpot Black Beans

Black beans are perfect for any meal and will play the role of a side dish well. If you are used to buying canned beans, it’s time you stopped and cooked your gluten-free black beans. After boiling, they are fried with some carrots and tomato paste. You will enjoy them when rice is your main dish.

Instant Pot Carrot

Carrots are readily available, and you shouldn’t struggle with making a side dish for the main meal. They are gluten-free and come out best when cooked with a pressure cooker. You can add some butter and rosemary leaves for softness and flavor. This gluten-free side dish will go well with spaghetti and pork.

Gluten-free Onion Soup

If you are a gluten-free person, this side dish should not miss in your meals once in a while. Onion soups are incredible both in taste and health. Besides, they are simple and fun to make. Also, you can make them in various ways and use different spices or flavors. This gluten-free dish is best for macaroni and mustard chicken.

Gluten-free Garlic Bread

This side dish is savory and will blend well with your gluten-free meal. The seasoning and garlic taste will make your family appreciate you. The garlic and seasonings are mixed with butter and spread on the bread, which is also gluten-free. This side dish goes well with protein dishes or broccoli.


The search for a gluten-free side dish that would go well with a gluten-free main meal has been intense. Initially, people were contented by just having a gluten-free meal, but more health awareness has opened their eyes. The gluten-free side dishes available are nutritious, flavorful and most of them are made using seasoned ingredients.

If meals times used to get you off guard by not knowing what to make besides the main meal, you now have an idea. This article has discussed the best gluten-free sides and side dishes you can have. Most of them will take you a few minutes to make and look like a five-star restaurant dish. Make your family eating moments memorable by trying any of these gluten-free side dishes.


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