Is Russian Standard Vodka Gluten Free?

Is Russian Standard Vodka Gluten Free?

Russian Standard is a very clean and smooth vodka that mixes well with drinks. It is ideal for use in vodka-based cocktails.

The ‘Russian Standard’ was born in 1894 when Dmitry Mendeleev, who some have called the greatest scientist in all Russia, received a decree from the Tsar to create the Imperial quality standard for Russian vodka.

dmitri mendeleev

Photo: Russian Standard website

Today in St Petersburg, you’ll find a state-of-the-art distillery which continues to brings this vodka heritage into the 21st Century.

So let’s find out if this clean and smooth vodka is free from gluten?

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Is Remy Martin Cognac Gluten Free?

Is Remy Martin Cognac Gluten Free?

Rémy Martin is a French firm that is well known for its production and distribution of cognac.

Based in the city of Cognac, Rémy Martin was founded in 1724 and is one of the largest cognac producers in the world. Rémy Martin is owned by the parent corporation Rémy Cointreau, a French spirits group that produces the brands: Louis XIII, Rémy Martin, Cointreau, Metaxa, Mount Gay, St-Rémy, Bruichladdich, The Botanist, Domaine Des Hautes Glaces, Westland Distillery, and Passoã.

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Is Chopin Vodka Gluten Free?

Is Chopin Vodka Gluten Free?

Let’s have a look Chopin Vodka, and if is gluten-free.

Chopin is a family business from Poland that is now in its second generation. The company is proud to be 100% family-owned and have family members working in all aspects of the business – personally assuring the quality of all of its spirits.

chopin family owned distillery

Photo: Chopin website


Chopin is one of the few vodka producers in the world that owns a distillery and produces 100% of its alcohol from raw, hand-selected ingredients (most companies purchase bulk alcohol from large, commercial distilleries and operate primarily as bottlers and marketers).

They source most of their ingredients from within 18 miles of the distillery, ensuring that they always use the freshest seasonal ingredients.

Chopin Vodka was first introduced to North America in 1997.

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Is Svedka Vodka Gluten Free?

Svedka is a popular Swedish brand of vodka manufactured in Lidköping, Sweden. It is one of the fastest growing vodka brands in the world, currently ranked at #6 by worldwide sales, and is the second most popular Swedish brand after Absolut.

It was acquired by Constellation Brands in March 2007 for US$384 million and is manufactured by the Swedish farmer’s co-op Lantmännen.

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