Find Me Gluten Free Launches Google Chrome Browser Extension

When it comes to finding gluten free restaurants, Find Me Gluten Free is probably the single best platform on the internet.

Depending on how long you’ve been gluten free, and where you are located, you will probably have already heard about the company, but if you haven’t.

Find Me Gluten Free is a directory of restaurants/reviews to help you find the best gluten free restaurants near you. It’s very much like a Yelp or TripAdvisor type platform, but specifically focused on gluten free options and finding chains, restaurants, etc. that accommodate for people who are gluten free.

Now, they have announced a Google Chrome Browser Extension so you can see reviews about restaurants, right on their website!

Find Me GF Chrome Extension for Finding Guten Free Reviews

The Find Me GF extension is here to help you access reviews of restaurants posted to Find Me Gluten Free right on any restaurant website.

According to the extension page:

Look up reviews on Find Me GF from any restaurant’s website.

When you go to a restaurant’s website, click the FMGF extension. If we find a listing match, we will show the rating summary and review for it right in your browser. You can then click on the listing to view the listing details on the FMGF website.

Find Me GF chrome extension


How does it work?

After installing the extension, when you go to a restaurant’s website, click the FMGF icon in the top right. If the company finds a listing match, they will show ratings and reviews right in your browser, with the option to expand and view full details on the FMGF website.

Currently, the extension is only for Google Chrome, but the company has asked users to reply to their email if they’d like to use this extension on a different web browser!

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