Freshly Gluten Free Prepared Meals Delivery Service Review

I recently wanted to find a way to get meals delivered because I’m not that great at cooking. In my search, I came across tons of options.

Then a few days later some retargeting ads (on Facebook) caught my attention for a brand called Freshly.

Freshly is a meal delivery service that offers ‘chef-prepared meals’ delivered weekly or at various intervals to your house. It’s a really cool idea and having so many gluten free options, I thought it would be awesome to try.

This is my honest review of the Freshly service and the quality of the meals. It’s not long and drawn out, just a few bullet points and some reasoning behind the rating. Scroll further down to see some photos and find out which meals were my favorite!


Overall Rating: 7/10

Reasons for rating:

  • Meals are pretty tasty and I could find what I wanted, plenty of gluten free options and different meal choices.
  • Saves a lot of time from having to go to the grocery store, plan meals, cook. When I have a busy week these meals are a lifesaver.
  • You can skip weeks and don’t have to get the same foods. Lots of fun options and they seem to update the menu often too.
  • (-2 points) Reason for the deduction was the cost. It’s a tad expensive for the size of the meals, but still a lot cheaper than going out.
  • (-1 points) Another reason was that some, 1-2 of my meals, were kind of bad or didn’t come out great.

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Photos from some of the meals.

freshly coconut curry chicken bowl

freshly steak meal

freshly curry chicken bowl


My Favorite Freshly Meals

Freshly has a pretty good variety, but in my second week I choose a few doubles because I just loved those meals so much. My favorite meals from Freshly are:

  • Homestyle Chicken – amazing gluten free breading on the chicken and delicious mac & cheese

  • Pulled Pork Al-Pastor – really flavorful pulled pork with pineapples and corn, delicious seasoning

  • Hot Chicken Bowl – wish it was spicier, but this chicken bowl is delicious

  • Almond Ginger Chicken Bowl – another delicious chicken bowl, be sure to add Sriracha

  • Swede-ish Meatballs – tasty swedish meatballs with potatoes and gravy

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More photos from the Freshly website

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