5 Gluten-Free School Lunch Ideas Kids Will Love

If your schoolchild is intolerant to gluten, keeping your youngster happy may be extremely challenging by coming up with gluten-free ideas that taste good.

If you are stressed and do not know what to cook, think about talking to your child and letting him or her become a young cook for a school lunch. Imagine you are on an adventure ship where you can have a team of sailors who can only defeat pirates by consuming gluten-free foods. Just make sure you tell your kid it’s a superpower to consider! 

Top 5 Gluten-Free School Lunch Ideas Your Kids Will Love


  1. Butterfly Bagels


If you want to choose something unique, this might be your lunchbox recipe! Start with the gluten-free bagel. You will need three large carrots for the center and raisins. The bagels are the wings, the carrots represent the trunk of the butterfly, and the raisins can be used for decorations. Now, if your kid misses homework deadlines and fails to eat, think about checking essay samples together and see how things must be done. Now, it’s quite simple and will help your kid learn! Remember always to assist your child and remind them about the importance of eating well! 


  1. Chicken Salad and Lettuce Wraps


Think about lettuce wraps and chicken salad. The trick here is to come up with a classic salad with chicken and use iceberg lettuce instead of bread. You can roll things up and make the crisp lettuce serve as a plate that you can eat. Just tell your child that Tarzan might have cooked something like that, and you will get the deal sealed as you have your youngster fit and happy! 


  1. Lunch on a Stick


If you want to impress kids, think about offering lunch on a stick. While it may look complex, it’s quite easy! You will need skewers, the vegetables that your child likes, some meat, and gluten-free cheese. The secret trick here is to combine all the famous sandwich ingredients except the bread. A great idea would be to offer Turkish kebab on a stick (if you have visited Turkey or a Turkish restaurant, you will know what it’s like). Now, you will have to add layers of sliced meat, chunks of cheese, grapes, pineapple, tomatoes, and just anything you wish to make. Make sure to add mustard or any other dressing you would like! 


  1. Pepperoni Roll-ups


It’s an easy recipe to make, as you can use any gluten-free filling and gluten-free pepperoni or salami. It will make a roll. The filling must have bell pepper, yellow onion, virgin olive oil, and cream cheese. These will look really well for the lunch box for students and will truly impress your kid’s classmates as they ask to taste it and see what it looks like! This recipe will also help your child become protein and learn more about delicious foods! 


  1. Breadless Sandwiches


Now, how about avoiding all the crackers and tortillas? The trick is to use lettuce leaves as you come up with all the possible sandwich ideas. You can use tomatoes and sweet peppers to keep things fast and delicious. It will make your active kid happy as they will have the most unique sandwiches! 


The Variety and Serving Matters! 

As you might already know, most kids want to keep their lunchboxes looking amazing inside and outside. The trick is to make the homemade lunch look cool. Even if you think about hard-boiled eggs or come up with gluten-free pancakes with a tasty filling, you have to add some creativity and make things look good. If you add fresh fruits and vegetables, slice them in amazing parts and make sure that you add special stickers or tell your child something unusual about these foods. This way, you can keep your child inspired as they will learn something new! 



Ruby Butz loves keeping her meals gluten-free as she seeks the best recipes to inspire both young and old. As an educator who loves to cook and stay creative, she also loves to write. Follow Ruby to learn interesting, safe recipes to keep all your family members happy.

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