Gluten Free Tequila List

Ahh tequila. This famous Mexican tipple is loved the world over, so much so it’s even got its own song.

The key ingredient in a margarita and the probable cause of many-a-hangover, all tequilas are produced in the Tequila region of Mexico. If tequila is produced outside of this region, its name changed to Mezcal.

Is Tequila Gluten Free?

Tequila is made from the agave plant, which should mean that all tequilas are gluten-free. However, cheaper tequilas are allowed to mix up to 49% non-agave based alcohol into their formula. This type of tequila is called “mixto”, and it doesn’t have to be displayed on the label.

The Best Tequila for Coeliacs

To ensure that your tequila is always safe to drink, buy tequilas labelled as 100% agave. By buying 100% agave tequila, you ensure your drink is naturally gluten free.

Blanco vs Reposado vs Añejo

Blanco tequila is freshly distilled plain tequila that hasn’t been aged. Reposado & Añejo tequilas have been aged in oak barrels for several years, which gives them a golden brown hue.

(Sometimes this darker hue is increased by additional caramel colouring. The caramel colouring used in tequila is gluten-free)

See our list before for certified gluten-free tequila brands. Whilst these may be safe for coeliacs to consume, the lack of gluten won’t help with your hangover…

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