Is Ambrosia Custard Gluten Free?

Ambrosia is a brand of food products that are produced and distributed by Premier Foods in the UK.

Premier Foods manages a number of food brands including:

  • Angel Delight
  • Bisto
  • Homepride
  • Mr Kipling
  • OXO

Ambrosia Custard is made in Devon UK, using West Country milk and is available in Cans, Cartons and Pots.

Let’s find out if it’s gluten-free . . .

Is Ambrosia Devon Custard Gluten Free?

The Answer is: YES/NO

Recommended Gluten Free Cook Books:

Ambrosia Devon Custard is free of gluten due to the fact that no gluten ingredients can be found on the ingredients list (see below)

Angel Delight is manufactured by Premier Foods, the company do not give a “gluten free” guarantee on any of their range (complying with EU gluten-free regulations) and this is why we have stated that YES/NO as we cannot give a definitive answer as to whether Ambrosia Devon Custard is gluten-free at this time. You can contact Ambrosia using this form.


ambrosia devon custard

Photo: British Corner Shop



Skimmed Milk, Buttermilk, Sugar, Modified Starch, Palm Oil, Whey (Milk), Natural Flavouring, Colours (Curcumin, Annatto), Total Milk content 73%

Nutritional Information

There are 220 calories in half a tin of Ambrosia Devon Custard.  This consists of 32g carbs, 6g protein and 6g fat – source

For more information on Ambrosia Devon Custard head over to

1 thought on “Is Ambrosia Custard Gluten Free?”

  1. Hi, I’ve just been diagnosed as Celiac/Gluten intolerant. Would you have a list of yours products which are Gluten Free that I could have? ie Devon Custard and creamed Rice Pudding.

    Many thanks,
    Arlene Snoddy


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