Is Appleman’s Cider Gluten Free?

Appleman’s Cider is an Irish cider that is developed specifically for the Irish market. It is produced by Heineken said to be crafted by a fourth-generation cider master.

According to Appleman’s “it is blended to be a perfect balance. Not too sweet. Not too dry. Just a beautiful, simple, apple cider”.

Appleman’s is crafted using a handful of the best apples to produce a perfectly-balanced, effortlessly refreshing cider.

Let’s find out if this Irish Cider is gluten-free.

Is Appleman’s Cider Gluten Free?

The Answer is: YES

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For those with a sensitivity to gluten, cider is one of the best drink options out there as it is naturally gluten-free.

Appleman’s is an ideal drink if you are gluten intolerant or suffer from any form of Coeliac disease.

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Water, apple juice (from concentrate), sugar, acid: malic acid, coloring: plain caramel, antioxidant: potassium metabisulphite, natural flavourings.

Nutritional Information

Every 100ml of Appleman’s Cider consumed contains 38 calories. This consists of 3.2g carbs, 0.5g protein, 0.5g fibre, 0.5g fat, and 0.01g salt – source

Appleman’s has an ABV of 4.5% and is available on draught, in 500ml cans and 568ml and 500ml bottle. Available in its distinctive, bright, premium green and gold packaging, with simple, refreshing apple cues, Appleman’s® is available exclusively in Ireland at all good bars and off-licences now.

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