Is Arnold Palmer Spiked Gluten Free?

Arnold Palmer is regarded as one of the greatest golfers in history. He was known for his charisma and was credited as helping popularize golf and bring it to the masses. In his career he won 62 PGA tour titles and is 5th on the tour’s all time victory list!

Iced Tea and Lemonade, the original Arnold Palmer drink, is credited to the golfer because he frequently requested it throughout his career. The alcoholic version, which is typically made with vodka, is often referred to as the John Daly.

MillerCoors began selling the malt-based version of the beverage under the Arnold Palmer Spiked name in early 2018.


Let’s find out if the alcoholic malt beverage version of Arnold Palmer is gluten free . . .


Is Arnold Palmer Spiked Gluten Free?

The Answer is: NO


Unfortunately because Arnold Palmer Spiked is made with malted liquor, it is not gluten free. This is confirmed by the brand on their FAQs page.

arnold palmer spiked faqs

Screenshot: Arnold Palmer Spiked website


Some gluten free alternatives include: White Claw, Truly, Bud Light Seltzer

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Arnold Palmer Spiked Flavors

Arnold Palmer Spiked alcoholic beverages comes in three variations. None of these are gluten free, all contain malt liquor.

  • Arnie’s Spiked Iced Tea

  • Arnie’s Spiked Lemonade

  • Arnold Palmer Spiked (Half & Half)


arnold palmer spiked flavors

Photo: Arnold Palmer Spiked


Ingredients & Nutritional Info

“Made with real juice and select teas . . .  Arnold Palmer Spiked is a refreshing alcoholic beverage with a blend of iced teas and lemonade flavor coming in at 5% ABV. Arnold Palmer Spiked contains caffeine, derived naturally from their tea ingredients. The caffeine content is 35mg per 12oz and does not contain any added caffeine.” (source)

Find more nutritional information about the products from Arnold Palmer Spiked:

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