Is Asahi Beer Gluten Free?

Is Asahi Beer Gluten Free?

Asahi is a Japanese lager beer which originated in Tokyo, Japan. As a light lager beer, you may be wondering whether it is gluten-free…

In 1889, the predecessor of Asahi Breweries, Osaka Beer Brewing Company, was founded, and its singular purpose was to produce a world-quality beer in Japan.

Employing time-honoured German brewing techniques, the company introduced Asahi Beer. It was quickly embraced as a top-quality domestic beer and by 1903 had become the best-selling beer in Japan. Asahi is currently Japan’s No 1 beer.

Asahi list of beers include:

  • Asahi Draft – Lager (first produced in 1892)
  • Asahi Gold – Lager (former flagship product; first produced in 1957)
  • Asahi Stout
  • Asahi Z – Dry Lager
  • Asahi Black – a 5% abv dark lager
  • Asahi Prime Time – German Pilsener style lager (only available in Japan)

However, are any of these drinks gluten-free?

Question: Is Asahi Beer Gluten Free?

Answer: No

Asahi Beer Bottles

Asahi nutritional information can be found on the company website.

Find a selection of gluten-free alcohols here.

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