Is Cadbury Twirl Gluten Free?

Twirl is a type of chocolate bar consisting of a thin, delicately-layered chocolate inner coated in thicker chocolate on the outside. It is currently manufactured by the brand Cadbury in the United Kingdom.

The Cadbury Twirl is very similar to the Cadbury Flake but is coated in an additional layer of chocolate and sold as a twin bar instead of a single finger.

Let’s find out if Twirl can be enjoyed by those who follow a gluten-free diet:

Is Cadbury Twirl Gluten Free?

The Answer is: YES*


Cadbury Twirl Bar

*According to the ingredient list and information which can be found on their website, Cadbury states that the Cadbury Twirl does not contain any wheat or gluten-containing ingredients.

Therefore, we can confirm that it is gluten-free.


MILK, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, whey powder (from MILK), vegetable fats (palm, shea), emulsifier (E442), flavourings.

Nutritional Facts

Source – Each 21.5g bar of Flake contains around 114 calories. They also contain 7.0g of protein, 59g of carbohydrates, 29g of fat, 2.3g of fibre, and 0.2g of Sodium.

For more information on Cadbury Twirl and other products from Cadburys, check out their website here:

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    • I cannot find an answer to this question anywhere. I am approaching with EXTREME caution as I do about anything off my typical list of known foods


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