Is Chaucer’s Mead Gluten Free?

Chaucer’s Cellars is a part of Bargetto Winery. They produce premium honey mead and fruit wines. Mead is a popular alcoholic beverage, especially around the holidays. Some people enjoy their mead spiced too!

According to the bottle, ‘The CHAUCER’S wine story began in the 1960’s when Lawrence Bargetto created new premium wines made from fresh, local fruit and honey in Santa Cruz County, California. This mead is still produced from California farms and reflects the unique terroir of these regions. Today we continue the commitment to produce only the finest quality meads.’

As the holidays approach, people everywhere are wondering  . . .

Is Chaucer’s Mead Gluten Free?

The Answer is: YES


Yes, Chaucer’s Mead is naturally gluten free, made from 100% pure honey. The bottle is also labeled gluten free in multiple places so you can be sure it is safe to enjoy.


Chaucer’s Mead Flavors

  • Chaucer’s Mead Full Spice

  • Chaucer’s Mead Raspberry

  • Chaucer’s Mead Sparkling


chaucers mead

Photo: Chaucer’s 


Ingredients & Alcohol Content

Description from Bargetto Winery:

Chaucer’s Mead is produced utilizing fresh honey without the addition of artificial flavorings, concentrates or artificial colorings. Even though greater production difficulties ensue because pure, raw honey is used for fermentation, the intensity of flavor generated through this technique is worth the effort. Although, this wine exhibits a richness similar to a fine liqueur, this dessert-style beverage is not fortified and contains only 11% alcohol. Hence, this wine should be consumed shortly after purchase to enjoy its natural and rich honey flavor (within 1-2 years of purchase).

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