Is Cold River Vodka Gluten Free?

Cold River Vodka is multiple awards winning vodka and has most notably bee awarded; Top 120 Spirits in the World F. Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal June 2013.

Cold River make handcrafted spirits, vodka, gin and whiskey. In this review, we will specifically be focusing on Cold River vodka.

Let’s find out if this multiple awards winning vodka is gluten-free.

Is Cold River Vodka Gluten Free?

The Answer is: YES

Recommended Gluten Free Cook Books:

Cold River Vodka

Cold River Vodka is made from whole Maine potatoes that are triple distilled in copper pots using water from Maine River. It is made from 100% potato alcohol.

The final product is a vodka that does not use any gluten loaded ingredients and is a safe choice of vodka for those who are gluten sensitive or have been diagnosed with celiacs disease by a health practitioner.

Cold River Vodka Products

Cold River is available in 2 varieties:

  • Handcrafted Maine Potato Vodka
  • Handcrafted Maine Potato Vodka – Blueberry Flavored

For more information on Cold River Vodka and to access a list of cocktail recipes head over to the official website here:

What do you think of Cold River Vodka? Have you had an allergic reaction to vodka or any other alcoholic beverages?

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