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Is Dixie Vodka Gluten Free?

is dixie vodka gluten free?

Dixie Vodka is an independent craft spirit based in Charleston, South Carolina. Nicknamed ‘The South’s Best Tasting Vodka’, Dixie is a popular product in the Southeast United States.

This smooth tasting American vodka has amassed a number of awards. These include:

  • 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition Gold
  • 2016 & 2017 Consumer Choice SIP Awards
  • 2016 & 2017 Platinum SIP Awards
  • 2018 Double Gold SIP Awards
  • 2018 Tastings 90 Points Gold Medal Exceptional “Best Buy” Award
  • 2018 Gold Craft Award

Award Winner? YES, but is this award-winning vodka ideal for those who are gluten intolerant? Let’s find out:


Is Dixie Vodka Gluten Free?

The Answer is: YES


Dixie Vodka is 6x distilled from Southeastern corn, naturally gluten-free, and a Certified South Carolina product.

Dixie Vodka

Photo: Dixie Vodka


Dixie Vodka Flavors

Dixie Vodka is available in six gluten-free flavors:

  • Dixie Southern Vodka – The original flagship product
  • Black Pepper –  A perfectly balanced pepper vodka with a clear color and aroma of char roasted and marinated green and chili peppers.
  • Peach – Dixie Southern Vodka infused with peaches from Lane Southern Orchards in Georgia
  • Wild Flower – Dixie Southern Vodka infused with southeastern wildflower honey from Savannah Bee Company to create a delicious flavored vodka with a touch of sweetness.
  • Citrus  – A special blend of Dixie Southern Vodka and all-natural citrus flavors and Valencia oranges.
  • Mint – Dixie Southern Vodka infused mint from ‘Dohn & Nelson Gardens’  to create a crisp, refreshing taste

For more information on Dixie Vodka and their complete range of gluten-free flavored vodka, check out their website here:

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