Is Falafel Gluten Free?

Falafel is a deep fried ball of ground chickpeas, broad beans, or both combined. It is a traditional Middle Eastern food and is very popular at restaurants around the world due to the health benefits and delicious taste!

Falafel balls can be eaten on their own, or as a part of a sandwich with salads, pickled vegetables, sauces, and more. They are commonly added on to bowls and plates at Middle Eastern restaurants, and also served as appetizers.

Being such a popular food, many people are wondering . . .

Is Falafel Gluten Free?



It really depends on the ingredients. Many store bought brands and restaurants will use various types of flour as a binder in the falafel and often times this will be wheat flour. Always ask your server when eating out, and also ask about the fryer in case there is cross contamination.

At the store you can find gluten free falafel usually! Here are some recommended products:

Recommended Gluten Free + Vegan Falafel Recipe:




Nutritional Information

Based on a 3.5 ounce serving from the site.

Contains 333 calories, ~13 grams of protein, 17.8 grams of fat, and ~5 grams of fiber.



The Health Benefits of Falafel

Check out all the health benefits of ginger in this guide from Healthline:

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