Is Gatorade Gluten Free?

Gatorade is mainly known as an energy drinks company and their main product the Gatorade Original Thirst Quencher. It is an American company that manufacturers sports-themed beverages and food products, built around its signature line of sports drinks. Not only do they produce Sports Drinks and Protein Powders but also manufacture sports equipment and much more.

Gatorade is currently manufactured by PepsiCo and is distributed in over 80 countries with their main consumer base being in the USA and UK.


Is Gatorade Gluten-Free?

The Answer is: YES

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Gatorade extensive list of consumable products is gluten-free.

According to the Gatorade Company; “None of the ingredients in Gatorade ready-to-drink, Gatorade mix (bulk and sticks), G2 products, Protein Recovery Shakes, and Prime Energy Chews are derived from grains or flours that have been linked to gluten-sensitivity.

Gatorade also states :

If any of the top eight allergens (Milk, Egg, Fish, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Shellfish, Soy, Wheat) are an ingredient or a component of the ingredient, the allergen will be listed in the Ingredients list or included in a Contains statement immediately after the Ingredients list. The May Contain, or advisory statement, is a voluntary labeling practice which alerts our allergic consumers to a potential health risk. This would be in the event the product is run on a line that also produces another product(s) that has a different allergen profile, or an ingredient that has been formulated into the product carries an advisory statement from the supplier.

We can therefore safely say that Gatorade is gluten-free, but as always check the ingredients list and contact the Gatorade Company if you require more information.


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