Is Godiva Chocolate Gluten Free?

Godiva Chocolatier is a Belgian manufacturer of chocolates and related products. Since the chocolatier’s humble beginnings in 1926, Godiva has expanded its operations and now owns more than 600 shops in Europe, the United States, Canada, and Asia and is available in over 10,000 specialty retailers.

Godiva has mastered the art of creating handcrafted chocolate delicacies and carefully considered gold-adorned packaging.  They have also been delivering personalized chocolate gifts & baskets for over 80 years.

Let’s find out if their “handcrafted chocolate delicacies” are gluten-free?

Is Godiva Chocolate Gluten Free?

The Answer is: NO


Let’s find out why. According to the Godiva Official Website:

As we work with so many different ingredients, we can’t guarantee our products don’t contain any gluten. If you have a gluten allergy, it’s best you don’t consume GODIVA chocolate.

None of the chocolates that Godiva produces are gluten-free and therefore Godiva should be avoided at all costs especially if you suffer from Celiac Disease.


godiva chocolate truffles

Photo: Godiva website


Godiva Chocolate List

Godiva makes various types of chocolate:

  • Dark Chocolate

  • Milk Chocolate

  • White Chocolate

  • Assorted Chocolates

  • Kosher Chocolates

For more information on Godiva, head over to their official website here:

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