Is Granulated Sugar Gluten Free?

Granulated sugar is a common household ingredient for baking and cooking. Many people purchase sugar from brands like Domino, Tate and Lyle, and other companies.

Because granulated sugar is used in so many baked goods and other meals, many people are wondering . . .

Is Granulated Sugar Gluten Free?



Yes, typically granulated sugar is free from any ingredients other than 100% pure cane sugar.

To give you an idea, this is what popular sugar brand Domino states on their FAQs page: ‘None of our sugars contain gluten. Although our Powdered Sugar contains 3% corn starch and this product may contain a very minuscule amount (less than 0.01%) of corn gluten. Corn starch is added to prevent caking in the sugar as it’s a much finer texture. Except for corn starch, no ingredients other than cane sugar are used in any of our consumer products.’


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Granulated Sugar Ingredients

100% pure cane sugar


Nutritional Information

Granulated sugar nutritional values vary by company. Check out articles on Domino and Tate and Lyle sugar products to learn more.

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