Is Gravy Gluten Free?

Gravy is a very popular sauce made from the juices of meats and used in many holiday meals, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. It’s a thick and rich sauce used to add flavor to mashed potatoes, the meat and protein in your dish, and more. It’s also popular in the Southeast region of the United States and is used for biscuits and gravy.

Because gravy is so commonly used around the holidays and for other meals, many people are wondering . . .

Is Gravy Gluten Free?


*Most of the time gravy is made with mixtures and seasonings that contain wheat flour as a thickener. Gravy is a high risk item and unless it’s specifically gluten free, it usually contains wheat ingredients. Always check the label to confirm or ask your server when eating out.

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biscuits and gravy

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Gravy is typically made from meat drippings, corn starch, wheat flour, salt, pepper, meat stocks, and other natural flavorings and thickeners.


Nutritional Information

The nutritional values vary depending on the type of gravy you make, ingredients, etc.

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