Is Greenall’s Gin Gluten Free?

Greenall’s Gin is known as The Original Handcrafted British Gin.

It is handcrafted by one of the oldest distilleries in Britain and remains consistent with the founder’s vision to create the first quality crafted gin.

Greenall’s The Original London Dry Gin remains unchanged from the original recipe. The recipe is closely guarded by just seven master distillers in our 250-year history.

Let’s find out if “The Original Handcrafted British Gin” is gluten free.

Is Greenall’s Gin Gluten Free?

The Answer is: YES*

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YES, Greenall’s Gin is gluten free.

Greenall's Gin Bottle

This statement is also backed by The Luxury Report,  who also state here that Greenall’s is gluten-free.

*The distillation process used to produce distilled alcohols like gin removes impurities, such as gluten, from the resulting product. Therefore, there should be no gluten present in Greenall’s Gin.

It is safe to say that Greenall’s Gin is safe for most coeliacs to drink. Most will be able to drink this brand of gin without any adverse effects while other sensitive coeliacs can encounter a reaction.


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