Is IBC Root Beer Gluten Free?

IBC Root Beer is a brand of root beer now owned by Keurig Dr. Pepper who also owns and distributes popular soft drinks including 7UP, Orangina, Snapple and Sunkist among others.

According to Keurig Dr. Pepper – source

Since 1919, IBC has provided great-tasting sodas with the unique heritage of good old-fashioned fun. IBC quickly became renowned for its premium quality and satisfying richness, and it was often imitated but never equaled.

Let’s find out if this root beer is gluten-free.

Is IBC Root Beer Gluten Free?

The Answer is: NO*


IBC Root Beer

IBC Root Beer is made from natural herbs and spices. However; as a user pointed out in the comments below, the modified corn starch ingredient may contain wheat, so this is not gluten free.


  • IBC Root Beer
  • Diet IBC Root Beer


Carbonated water, cane sugar, caramel color, sodium benzoate (preservative), natural and artificial flavors, modified corn starch*, citric acid, quillaia extract

May contain wheat.

Nutritional Information

Each bottle of 12 fl oz consumed contains 160 calories. This consists of 40g carbs, 0g protein, 0g fat and 0.60g sodium.

For more information head over to the IBC Root Beer website and check out this dedicated page on IBC Root Beer.

Alternatively, check out the dedicated website here:

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