Is Magners Cider Gluten Free?

Magners also know as the “the original Irish cider” is produced in County Tipperary in Ireland by the C&C Group.

Magners Cider is known and bottled as Bulmers, in Ireland, and the UK. When “Bulmers” cider became popular in Ireland the company wanted to share it across the world. The name Bulmers couldn’t be used outside Ireland for legal reasons. It was therefore called Magners Original Irish Cider outside of Ireland, ( and named after William Magners, the other partner and founder of the business).

Magners is now available in a majority of U.S. states and is the top choice for cider lovers around the world.

However, is it gluten-free? Let’s find out.

Is Magners Cider Gluten Free?

The Answer is: YES

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Magners sources and makes it ciders from 17 varieties of apples and pears and is gluten-free.

Magners Pint

Magners currently promotes three flavors on their USA website.


Magners Cider Gluten Free Flavors

Magners Original: Which is their no.1 seller, and is cider that most fans know and love. It is made from 17 varieties of apples

Magners Pear: Described by Magners, as being made from ” 100% premium quality pears, which are filtered to get rid of any impurities before being slowly fermented”.

Magners Berry: A blend of strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant fruit notes on a fermented pear base. Sweet fruity cider with a crisp refreshing finish.

All three of these hard ciders are gluten-free and contain 4.5% alc/vol.

No gluten containing ingredients such as wheat or barley are used in the process and it is produced in an environment which ensures that it will never be contaminated with gluten. It is there an ideal choice if you are sensitive to gluten or have been diagnosed with celiac disease.


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