Is Monkey 47 Gin Gluten Free?

Monkey 47 is a dry gin produced in the Black Forest region of Germany. The 47 refers to the number of botanicals used which includes fruity ingredients like lingonberries, blackberries, and honey pomelo.

Let’s find out if this gin with 47 botanicals is gluten-free.

Is Monkey 47 Gin Gluten Free?

The Answer is: YES

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Monkey 47 Gin

YES, Monkey 47 Gin is gluten-free and distilled from molasses.

NOTE: Some coeliacs can drink gin without any adverse effects while other sensitive coeliacs can encounter a reaction. Learn more here.

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Most gins are made with gluten-containing cereal grains. The final distilled product does not contain gluten, but cannot be advertised or labeled as gluten-free. Many people with celiac disease choose to avoid these beverages, while many others drink them with no adverse effects.

Monkey 47 Gin is an ideal base for a gin and tonic, as a sling, martini, or gimlet; and both classics and more eccentric cocktails.

With the distinct and pure scent of juniper, a tangy and crisp citrus note, a sweet, floral aroma, a hint of peppery spices, subtle bitter fruit, and a deep and harmoniously balanced complexity with a tremendously racy finish – source

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