Is Ocean Vodka Gluten Free?

Ocean Vodka small-batch vodka that is produced at The Ocean Vodka Organic Farm and Distillery found in Kula, Maui, Hawaii.

They produce award-winning vodka and have won numerous awards including:

  • Los Angeles International Spirit Competition, 2019
  • Las Vegas Global Spirits Award, 2017
  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 2017
  • International Sip Awards, 2017

Let’s find out if this award-winning vodka is gluten-free.

Is Ocean Vodka Gluten Free?

The Answer: Yes

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Ocean Vodka Bottle

OCEAN Vodka is certified organic and is the only vodka in the world distilled from organic sugar cane and blended with deep ocean mineral water. As a result, OCEAN Organic Vodka is naturally gluten-free.

The vodka is made with water that is drawn from 3000ft below the Kona coast which creates “a unique taste and velvety finish”.

According to Ocean Voda “Water at These Depths Contains Over 70 Naturally Occurring Mineral Nutrients.”

Ocean Voda is “naturally gluten-free” and ideal for those who are sensitive to gluten and suffer from Celiac Disease.

For more information on Ocean Vodka visit their website here:

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