Is Old El Paso Gluten Free?

Old El Paso is a popular brand of Tex-Mex-style foods which are made by the American conglomerate and food producer General Mills.

General Mills are well known for owning and managing a number of food brands. Some of the larger brands worth mentioning here include Betty Crocker, Natural Valley, Häagen-Dazs, and Green Giant.

According to General Mills “Old El Paso helps consumers bring fun and flavorful Mexican food to their tables.” Old El Paso range of Tex-Mex products include dinner kits, tacos and tortillas, taco seasoning, sauces, condiments, rice, and refried beans.

Let’s find out if any of these Mexican inspired foods are gluten free . . .

Is Old el Paso Gluten Free?

The Answer is: YES


Old el Paso has recently launched a complete selection of gluten-free tex-mex products. Here is the list of the full range of products that are ideal for your consumption if you suffer from celiac disease or are sensitive to gluten.

Old El Paso Gluten Free Products

Here is the complete list:

  • Gluten Free Fajita Kit Smoky BBQ

  • Gluten Free Enchiladas Cheesy Baked

  • Gluten Free Tortillas

  • Tortilla Strips

  • Tortilla Chips Chili

  • Tortilla Chips Salted

  • Tortilla Strips Cheese

  • Spicy Cheddar Flavored Taco Shells

  • And More!

Note: The availability of the above gluten-free products will vary depending on whether you are in the USA, Canada or the UK.

If you’re wondering about the chunky guacamole, unfortunately that is not gluten free. But homemade guacamole is easy to make safely and gluten free!

old el paso products

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For more information on Old el Paso, head over to one of the following website:

UK –

You can also get more information on each Old el Paso product via the General Mill website here.

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