Is Rekorderlig Gluten Free?

Rekorderlig cider is made with spring water from Vimmerby, Sweden, where it is still brewed today. It was first created in 1996 by Åbro Bryggeri.

From its humble Swedish roots, Rekorderlig has become a much-loved, fourth-generation family-brewed cider.

Rekorderlig is stocked in a wide range of the UK’s favorite bars and supermarkets and continues to launch in new countries around the world while strongly maintaining its proud Swedish heritage. It is a premium cider that you can rely on and trust but can you trust it as a gluten-free alcoholic beverage.

Is Rekorderlig Cider Gluten Free

The Answer is: YES*

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Rekorderlig Cider Bottles

*Here is the complete answer that was kindly answered by Rekorderlig to the question on Twitter:

Rekorderlig Twitter - Gluten Free Cider


Rekorderlig Cider Flavours

Here is a list of all the Rekorderlig Ciders that are available for you to enjoy:

  • STRAWBERRY – LIME – Strawberry and lime flavored cider that is made from the Swedish spring water.
  • SPICED PLUM – Pear Cider blended with plums, cherries, cloves and cinnamon creating a rich fruity experience.
  • WILD BERRIES – Bursting with the freshest fruit flavors Rekorderlig Wild Berries Cider is best served over ice for a juicy experience.
  • PASSIONFRUIT – Made from the purest Swedish spring water and Passionfruit
  • MANGO – RASPBERRY – Packed with raspberries and a burst of tropical mango
  • PEAR – Made from the purest Swedish spring water and Pear
  • DRY ÄPPLE – The latest creation from The House of Rekorderlig. A modern twist to a much-loved classic. Crisp apple cider, lightly golden in color with a dry, clean finish.

All the cider are 4.5% – 5% ABV

And yes according to Rekorderlig, all of their ciders are gluten-free – Enjoy

For more information on Rekorderlig Ciders you can visit their website here



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