Is Roku Gin Gluten Free?

ROKU Gin is made by Suntory, the Japanese alcoholic beverage conglomerate.

ROKU Gin is a Japanese Craft gin “that takes you on a journey through the four seasons with six Japanese botanicals”.

In Japanese, Roku translates to number six, after the six Japanese botanical ingredients that make up the gin – Sakura flower, Sakura leaf, Yuzu peel, Sencha tea (green tea), Gyokuro tea (refined green tea) and Sanshō pepper.

According to Suntory “Every aspect of Roku Gin is crafted by Japanese artisans with a centuries-old tradition of meticulous attention to detail”.

Let’s find out if this brand of gin is gluten free.

Is Roku Gin Gluten Free?

The Answer is YES

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Roku Gin

YES, Roku Gin is gluten-free and distilled from molasses.

According to

Most gins are made with gluten-containing cereal grains. The final distilled product does not contain gluten, but cannot be advertised or labeled as gluten-free. Many people with celiac disease choose to avoid these beverages, while many others drink them with no adverse effects.


Roku Gin Products

  • ROKU Japanese Craft Gin
  • ROKU Japanese Craft Gin: Travel Retail Select Edition

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