Is The Botanist Gin Gluten Free?

The Botanist is an artisanal Islay gin made by Bruichladdich Distillery in Scottland.

According to the, The Botanist is:

“A complex, floral gin that uses nine traditional gin botanicals and combines them with 22 local herbs and flowers sustainably foraged from the fields, peat bogs and windswept shores of Islay. Among these botanicals are apple mint, gorse, hawthorn, heather, lemon balm, wild thyme, fern and mugwort”.

The ingredients include nine berries, barks, seeds and peels that are taken through an efficient and slow distillation process.

The Botanist is described as “a rare expression of the heart and soul of our remote Scottish island” – source.

Let’s find out if this artisanal Islay gin is gluten free.

Is Botanist Gin Gluten Free?

The Answer is: YES

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The Botanist Gin

The Botanist is Gluten Free.

We need to be sure so we sent the artisanal gin company a reply and here is what they said:

The Botanist Gluten Free Email

Many thanks for getting in touch.

The alcohol used in the production of our gin is neutral alcohol which is distilled from wheat. Whilst wheat is a source of the allergen (gluten), the distillation process denatures any gluten molecules so no gluten is present in the distilled spirit.

I hope the above helps to give you some more insight into our Botanist Gin, I have also attached an allergen statement we issue to markets which may also help. If you need anything else or have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

For more information on The Botanist Gin, including tours of the distillery and cocktail recipes, head over to

What do you think of Botanist Gin? Have you had an allergic reaction to gin or any other alcoholic beverage?

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