Is The Finnish Long Drink Gluten Free?

The Finnish Long Drink is an up and coming canned cocktail brand from Finland. From the company’s FAQs they share: ‘Long drink is a top selling category of alcohol in Finland that was first introduced for the 1952 Summer Games in Helsinki. To ease understaffed bars, the Finnish government commissioned the creation of a refreshing alcoholic drink. Nowadays there are many different brands available, just like there are a lot of beer brands.’

What is The Finnish Long Drink?

The Long Drink is ‘a refreshing citrus soda with a premium liquor kick’, according to the company. This tasty and popular alcoholic beverage is a great summer drink and is starting to pop up at more places around the United States.

The Long Drink Company also shares: ‘Unlike the seltzers made with fermented sugar, Long Drink is a true award-winning liquor that is smooth, refreshing and doesn’t leave you with that full beer feeling.’

“Long drink” is a top selling category of alcohol in Finland – a legendary taste that is now available in America.

The roots of long drinks go back to the 1952 Summer Games in Finland, when the country of only 4 million people was still recovering from World War II. Concerned with how to serve drinks quickly enough to all the visitors, the government commissioned the creation of a revolutionary new liquor drink, and so the first long drinks were born.

Now this legendary taste has finally been brought to America by the next generation of Finns who want the world to experience the refreshing and unique Finnish Long Drink.

Let’s find out if this canned cocktail contains gluten or not!

Is The Finnish Long Drink Gluten Free?



Yes, all flavors of The Finnish Long Drink are gluten free! According to the company’s FAQ page: ‘Yep! Being made with distilled spirit they are gluten free.’


Long Drink Flavors:

  • Traditional
  • Zero
  • Strong
  • Cranberry


the finnish long drink

Photo: The Long Drink Gallery


The Finnish Long Drink (Traditional) Ingredients

Gin with Natural Flavors.


The Finnish Long Drink (Traditional) Nutritional Facts

Long Drink Traditional (1 can) contains 180 calories and 18g carbs (sugar).


Learn more about The Finnish Long Drink and all of their products on their official website:

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