Is Tiger Beer Gluten Free?

Tiger Beer was launched in 1930 and is Singapore’s first locally brewed beer. It is own by Heineken Asia Pacific which is owned by parent company Heineken International. Heineken International also own, manage and distribute well-known brands such as Heineken Beer, Desperados, Amstel and Sol.

According to Heineken International – source

Tiger is the beer with bite; breaking conventions and championing those who dare to pursue brave ideas to make positive impact. Uncaged.

Tiger Beer Original is a 5% abv bottled pale lager. It currently available in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Let’s uncage the answer to your question and find out if this beer is gluten-free.

Is Tiger Beer Gluten Free?

The Answer is: NO


Tiger Beer is NOT gluten free.

Most beer is usually not gluten-free and this beer is no different. All Tiger Beers contain Malt (barley) and Hops. Tiger Beer should, therefore, be avoided if you are sensitive to gluten or have been diagnosed with any form of Celiac Disease.

The Tiger Beer Collection

Tiger currently produces 4 beers, none of which are gluten-free:

  • Tiger Original – The tropical, definitive Asian lager

  • Tiger Crystal – A crisp, refreshing light brew

  • Tiger White – Smooth refreshment with bite

  • Tiger Black – Asian Black lager brewed with Black rice


is tiger beer gluten free

Photo: Tiger Beer website


Tiger Original Ingredients

Water, Malt, Rice, CO2, Hops

Tiger Original Nutritional Information

Every 100ml of Tiger Original consumed contains 12.9 calories. This consists of 2.8g of carbs, 0.42g of protein, 0g of sugars and 0g fat.

For more information on Tiger Beer, head over to their official website here:

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