Is Woodford Reserve Gluten-Free?

Woodford Reserve is a super-premium, sour mash straight bourbon Whiskey made on Kentucky’s oldest distillery site.

This bourbon whiskey delivers notes of dried fruit, vanilla and tobacco, followed by flavours of toffee and spice with a long, warming finish.

Woodford Reserve is often enjoyed on the rocks, or as the main ingredient in classic whiskey cocktails – like an Old Fashioned or Manhattan. But can this famed whiskey also be enjoyed by those who live a gluten-free lifestyle?

Is Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey Gluten-Free?

The Answer is: Yes*

Recommended Gluten Free Cook Books:

Woodford Reserve Whiskey Bottle

*According to the American Celiac Society, distilled alcohol such as Woodford Reserve is inherently gluten-free and safe for celiacs to consume. Although whiskeys are derived from gluten-containing ingredients like wheat, barley and rye, the distilling process removes the gluten proteins.

During our research, we did also discover this email reply online from Woodford Reserve themselves:

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Contact Us

Unfortunately, though, there is currently no validated test to verify the gluten content (or absence) in Woodford Reserve.

Woodford Reserve is made from a mixture of pot still spirits produced at the company’s Woodford Reserve Distillery, and column still spirits from the Brown Forman Distillery in Shively, Kentucky.

The main products in the Woodford Reserve product range are:

  • KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON: Rich, chewy, rounded and smooth, with complex citrus, cinnamon, and cocoa. toffee, caramel, chocolate and spice notes abound.
  • MALT WHISKEY: Dark chocolate and caramel coated nuts are dried out with a dusting of cocoa powder and brown spice. A fruit medley brightens a trace of toasted coconut and rich, bright oak character.
  • KENTUCKY STRAIGHT RYE WHISKEY: Clove, rye, mint, molasses, sorghum, and honey mingle together with hints of apple and malt.
  • DOUBLE OAKED: A full-bodied mix of vanilla, dark caramel, hazelnut, apple, fruit, and spices

For more information on Woodford Reserve, check out the website:

Some Facts on Woodford Reserve

  1. The Woodford Reserve Distillery, formerly known as the Old Oscar Pepper Distillery and later the Labrot & Graham Distillery, is approximately eight miles from the town of Versailles in north-central Kentucky, off U.S. Route 60 between Interstate 64 and Versailles.
  2. The Woodford Reserve Distillery offers tours and is part of the American Whiskey Trail and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail promotional programs.

When in doubt, we recommend choosing a natural gluten-free alternative such as Rum, Brandy, Tequila, Apple Jack, almost all Wine, Hard Cider, and Sorghum beer.

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