The Best Gluten-Free Cake Recipes You Will Enjoy

Have you ever seen a loved one react to gluten? It must have been a bad experience for them. People react differently to gluten, depending on their bodies and immune systems. Some have low energy levels, while others experience frequent mood swings and neurological problems. However, no one should suffer due to the reaction in this age and time because various alternatives are available.

Nutritionists and recipe developers from across the globe have come up to help those having issues with gluten. You can now access healthy gluten-free foods which are delicious and enjoyable. Also, food manufacturers have realized the need for gluten-free products and have therefore ensured that they are readily available in stores. If you want to adopt a gluten-free lifestyle and love cakes, this article is the perfect read for you. It will discuss the best gluten-free cake recipes to try in your kitchen. They are easily understandable, and the ingredients are available and straightforward.

Lemon Polenta Cake by Barney Desmazery

You must be familiar with polenta if you are a gluten-free foods enthusiast. Barney came up with this recipe after many years of trying something that would favor people suffering from Celiac. This cake is moist, sugary, and boasts some incredible lemon and sugar flavors. Polenta and ground almonds are its main ingredients. It is also versatile, and you can serve it as dessert by adding icing to it. It will take you one hour thirty minutes to make this recipe of eight servings.

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Orange Olive Oil Cake by Rosie Birkett

The aroma, sophistication, and taste of this gluten-free cake are heavenly. Rosie is a food writer and has diverse experience in international foods. She has developed several gluten-free recipes, and you can count on all of them for your health. The orange olive oil gluten-free cake recipe has easy steps to follow, and you will have done baking within an hour and a half. It’s also low on carbs and sugars and best for someone who is watching their weight.

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Gluten-Free Carrot Cake by Emily

This cake is a simple definition of class, taste, and health since it doesn’t have a trace of gluten in it. Also, many gluten-free flours are used to make it, and all of them are readily available. Thanks to its cinnamon flavor that calms you down, this gluten-free cake is the perfect slice to enjoy your four-clock tea. The recipe is for eight servings and will take you one hour to bake. It’s also easy to follow, and the next time, you will be more liberal when baking.

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Flourless Chocolate Gluten-free Cake by Liberty Mendez

Wake your family to a heavy breakfast whose centerpiece is the flourless chocolate cake. You may wonder how a cake can be baked without some flour, but this one is that kind. This cake contains lots of dark chocolate and some eggs, which makes it boast a fudgy texture. The addition of coffee powder into it is the secret behind its flavor. The developer of this recipe is a pastry chef and boasts enough experience in baking gluten-free cakes. Her cakes have become a game-changer for gluten-free people. Also, most of Liberty’s recipes won’t keep you in the kitchen for long.

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Pistachio Olive Oil and Strawberry Cake by Anna Glover

Your loved ones will not resist this moist and delicious cake that is baked using olive oil. The ingredients are exciting, and they include strawberries, polenta which serves as a substitute for flour, and pistachios. Glover had your health in mind when she developed this recipe, and therefore you can have it time and again. Besides being a tea cake, it’s versatile, and you can have it as a dessert. The recipe serves ten people, and within less than an hour, you will be enjoying it with your family.

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Gluten-free Vanilla Cake By Chelsey

Chelsey’s love for baking made her become a baking blogger, and you can never have enough of her gluten-free cakes. Her commitment to sharing her cake recipes has remained constant thanks to her love for those struggling with Celiac disease. This vanilla cake recipe will change how you think about gluten-free cakes. It’s one of the easiest gluten-free cake recipes you have ever come across. Interestingly, only you will know that the cake is gluten-free since its taste is no different from the usual vanilla cakes.

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Gluten-free Lemon and Raspberry Cake by Izzy Hossack

You can take advantage of the raspberry season in your kitchen and bake this gluten-free cake. Combining them with some Swiss roll and lemon cream will allow you to enjoy a cake with no cracks. What a way to enjoy your summertime away from work? This cake is easy to make and requires only nine ingredients. The best part is that most ingredients are natural, which is a plus to your health.

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Keto Chocolate Cake by Mackinze Gore

You will love this cake because of its rich chocolate flavor, which is brought out by coffee.  It is as tasty and sweet as a cake that has sugars and gluten. Therefore, no one will notice any change in taste. The recipe yields five servings and will take you 30 minutes to have it ready. It is the best thing you have ever done for your family.

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Cherry Blossom Cake by Cassie Best

If you have been struggling with gluten intolerance, you don’t have to miss out on some fluffy and yummy cakes. Best developed the Cherry blossom cake with your health in mind, and that’s why you need to try the recipe out. The cake is baked using polenta instead of flour, and the orange blossom will make you grateful that you baked it.

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Gingered Rich Fruit Gluten-free Cake by Godman foods

Your search for an ultimate family cake comes to an end with the gingered fruit cake. Although it’s a traditional version, the cake boasts some jazz of ginger flavor that will leave you yearning for more. It’s dairy-free and gluten-free, but you can hardly notice. Treat your family to this cake on Christmas morning, and their energy levels will be high enough for the rest of the day.

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Vegan Lemon Cake by Katie Siddons

Katie has been creating gluten-free recipes for a long time. Most of what she comes up with is simple, easy to follow and fun, especially with the cakes. The recipe is versatile, and you can therefore replace it with other alternatives for gluten-free. The most lovely and unique thing about this cake is that it’s zingy and not heavy.

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Funfetti Celebration Cake by Kayley

Are you planning a birthday for your daughter soon? Ensure you don’t miss the Funfetti celebration cake in your plan. The cake is the best for those with gluten or dairy allergies. It features some frosting with non-butter cream, and its top layer is eye-catching and will make anyone at the party want a share.

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Vanilla Bean Cheese Cake by Bakerita

Bring your cravings for a cheesecake to an end by baking this gluten-free cake. It is not only tasty but also safe to eat and won’t jeopardize your health. The combination of cashew cream and walnut crust is the secret behind its memorable taste. The chocolate ganache topping makes it a centerpiece that leaves everyone salivating. Also, the developer of this recipe says that you can use caramel sauce or coconut whipped cream as topping alternatives.

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Best Almond Gluten-free Cake by MYQ Quinn

This is the best cake to make if you have friends who withdraw from cakes or desserts during your catch-up moments. It is gluten-free and won’t make them feel like they are left out. Baking it is not hectic, and you can be sure to have an easy time in your kitchen. The almonds make it unique and improve its taste. You can read more about the recipe on the developer’s site.

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Date, Banana, and Rum Cake by Jon Hornby

Get out of your restricted feeding zone by baking this cake. You will be surprised to know how tasty it is despite not having any fat or sugars. The recipe has eight servings and will require a little effort to bake. However, with time you can bake it with ease.

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Going gluten-free is not a bad idea, and you should not hesitate to adapt to the lifestyle. Your body weight will be in check, and you will always be energetic. Times have changed with recipe developers introducing gluten-free foods. This article has discussed the best gluten-free recipes you can try and cancel the various trips you make to the bakery. Most of them are simple and easy to follow, and therefore you shouldn’t hesitate to treat your family, friends, or yourself to any of the cakes

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