Top Vacation Resorts with Gluten-Free Options

Most people don’t know where they can go on vacation and still have amazing gluten-free options. If you have Celiac Disease or a gluten allergy, it can be really hard to travel and not worry about getting sick all the time!

In this article, you’ll find 10 of the best vacation spots with food options for those with gluten/wheat allergies and sensitivities.

So, read on to find out how you can enjoy your next getaway! Cover photo via Stocksnap. Photo shot by Matt Moloney.

Best Gluten Free Resorts


El Dorado Maroma

el dorado gluten free

Photo: El Dorado Maroma website

Located in Riviera Maya, Mexico, this resort should not miss your list of resorts to visit.  It is an adult getaway joint featuring bungalows that sit over the water. You will feel like you are exploring an ocean as the breeze serenades around you. You will have several dishes to choose from, including gluten-free rice and desserts, all prepared with you in mind. Check out this review from a happy traveler!


Riu Palace Costa Rica Resort

hotel riu palace

Photo: Hotel Riu Palace website

This vacation resort is located along the Matapalo beach, and you will be over the moon once you visit it. It has one buffet restaurant and four themed ones. There are plenty of gluten-free meals to choose from in this resort, and you won’t have to worry about your allergies.


Secrets Wild Orchid

secrets resorts jamaica ocean restaurant gluten free

Photo: Secrets Resorts website

This is another incredible place for gluten-free meals. It is sandwiched in the plains of Montego Bay in the Caribbean, offering a great scenic view and a wide range of sports for their guests. Although the dining options are only accommodative to adults, they are many. Some of the highly-rated gluten-free meals include Caribbean, French and Asian cuisines. Besides the meals, you will have a memorable experience with yoga, windsurfing, and live entertainment.


Arenas Del Mar

arenas del mar

Photo: Arenas Del Mar website

This is one of the resorts in Costa Rica that clearly understands that eating away from home can be a challenge. As you might know, Costa Rica is one of the nations where most meals are gluten-free, and therefore having your vacay there would be ideal. At Arenas Del Mar, you can enjoy various meals, including beans, rice, plantains, and vegetables. The resort’s dining and kitchen are certified by the Celiac Awareness National Foundation, and therefore you can trust them for uncompromised and safe foods. Their chefs are experts in preparing gluten-free meals that will give your taste buds a lasting memory. Your family will be grateful that you took them to Arenas Del Mar for their Christmas, or any other holiday, vacation.


Secrets Resort

secrets resorts

Photo: Secrets Resort website

Although they are all-inclusive, the Secret Resorts are not ideal for kids. It has a romantic setup, and therefore it’s suitable for couples. You can enjoy their gluten-free meals at their gourmet restaurant or in your suite. Also, if you are a beach person, your food can be served at the beach as you get massaged by the sand. The meals are available all the time, and you can eat at your convenience since the dining room services are 24 hours. This is the best place to be if you don’t have a specific time for your meals.


Anamaya Resort

anamaya resort gluten free options

Photo: Anamaya Photo Gallery

Your search for a health resort comes to an end with the Anamaya resort since the generosity of the resorts’ chef will serve your taste buds with delicious gluten-free foods. One outstanding aspect of Anamaya food is that they grow most of the food organically.


Grand Velas Resort

culinary experience at riviera maya mexico resort

Photo: Riviera Maya Resort website

You will never regret booking your vacation at Grand Vela’s resort. The best part about this resort is that they mark their gluten-free meals on the menu, and therefore, you will spot it easily if it’s a buffet. The Gluten-free meals are extensive, and you can choose anything from pancakes, cereals, muffins, among others.


Breathless Punta Cana

breathless resorts gluten free

Photo: Breathless Resorts website

If you are a lover of pool parties blended with live entertainment, this is the place for you. The resort boasts eight restaurants, a buffet, and a beach grill. You will find well-prepared gluten-free meals in all these restaurants. However, it would be safe to request the chefs to make your order according to your preference. This resort offers the best environment to enjoy your gluten-free meals while experiencing the touch of nature. Besides the mouthwatering meals, the resort has relaxing spa joints and water sports where you can calm your body from the beach heat.


Sandals Resort

sandals dining options

Photo: Sandals website

You can have any gluten-free meals at the Sandals resort. Their offer includes pizzas, desserts, pasta, among others. If you like having a glass of wine to help in digestion, they have a variety that won’t jeopardize your health. However, you will have to make your order early enough since the wine is not readily available. Locating your meal is easy because they are marked on the menu. The gluten-free meals are carefully prepared in a separate kitchen, and you can be sure that your meal will not be compromised. Other amazing options include steak, lobster tails, shrimp, other seafood and more luxury dining.


Beaches Turks and Caicos

beaches turks and caicos gluten free

Photo: Beaches website

This resort is unique and comprises five villages with an architectural design that mimics other destinations. It’s like being in 5 all inclusive resorts at the same time. The resort is also a foot water park that sits on 45,000 acres giving you an incredible away from home experience. When it comes to gluten-free meals, the resort is always on top of the game. All you have to do is to fill a form with what you prefer to eat and wait for chefs to serve you within no time. You will also not have to spend much since it’s a reasonably cheap vacation resort.



Getting some time away from the office and hustles of the city is therapeutic. It allows you to get some time to unwind and strategize. Vacations also give you some time to bond with your family away from home set up. Having an allergy to some foods should not limit you from traveling.

In this article, you’ve learned about the different gluten-free options at top vacation spots. This information can help those who are looking for a relaxing getaway but also want to make sure they have plenty of food choices available. If you know someone who is traveling soon and has an allergy or sensitivity to gluten, please share this post with them so that they too may enjoy their trip!

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