5 Ways to Save Money on Gluten Free Groceries

Shopping for gluten free food can be really frustrating. If you’re new to having an allergy or practicing a gluten free diet, you may not realize but the products are A LOT MORE expensive. A report from the Laci Stevens and Mohsin Rashid on the National Library of Medicine stated: On average, gluten-free products were 242% more expensive than regular products (+/- 212; range, 5% to 1,000%)

So with that in mind, how can you save money on gluten free groceries and foods? Let’s get into it.

I’ve been gluten free for over 4 years now, and have learned some of the ins and outs of how to save. You can’t save on everything, sometimes you just have to spend more, especially when eating out, but this guide is here to help you navigate the grocery stores and save money on gluten free!

1. Look for Store Deals

Stores often have deals and discounts on certain items based on the amount they purchased, if they are trying to get rid of it, or other reasons. I always try to look for these first because they are easy to come by. You can sometimes find deals for buying multiple cups of yogurt, multiple frozen meals from the same brand, etc.

While this isn’t specific to gluten free, it can be helpful in general and there are a lot of deals out there in most grocery stores.


2. Look for Store Brands

Store brands are offering gluten free options more and more! Some of the stores in my region such as Wegman’s, Stop and Shop, and Pricechopper produce their own fresh products and packaged/frozen products. These are almost always cheaper than name brand products and often taste just as good or even better!

Some examples:

  • Wegman’s has an amazing gluten free selection! They now make their own frozen gf pizzas, gluten free chicken tenders, gluten free desserts, and much more.
  • Pricechopper makes really good gluten free desserts and cakes!
  • Walmart has tons of gluten free products under their brand and they are pretty much always the cheapest options out their for gluten free consumers. I usually wouldn’t think to shop there for gf products but have found some great deals!


3. Look for Coupons from Manufacturers + Other Sources

One great way to save on gluten free foods is to look for manufacturer coupons. These are directly from the brands that make the products. They offer them to consumers for a number of reasons. In the past when I’ve reported an issue with a product, a company will mail me some free coupons. Or they sometimes offer them if you sign up to an email newsletter or follow their socials.

Whatever the reason, you can find these directly from the manufacturer or on various websites and blogs. Here are a few places to get started:


Top brands that offer coupons:


4. Look at the Unit Pricing

Even before I was gluten free, I was always taught to look for discounts and deals. Something you’ll notice about most grocery stores (atleast in the US), is that they always show the unit pricing. You’ll quickly start to notice these and see that most times you can save a lot of money buying in bulk. And other times, you can save by purchasing specific sizes and quantities. All because of unit pricing.

Items that you can store in your fridge, freezer, or pantry are always worth stocking up on when you find the best unit pricing. This is how I am able to consistently save the most on gluten free groceries over time. Especially for these items sauces, seasonings, frozen meals, and some other fun treats like candy. Although I learned the hard way why I should avoid buying candy in bulk. Let’s just say it disappeared fast.


5. Get Creative

Saving money as a gluten free consumer is a constant challenge, but there are some creative ways you can keep more money in your pocket!!

Use cashback and other rewards apps like:

  • Drop – Connects to your credit card and rewards you with points that you can apply to gift cards. I’ve earned $200+ in gift cards with Drop in the last few years from doing nothing!
  • Ibotta – Cash back and rewards for grocery stores. They have tons of offers in the app and even pay a quarter every time you submit your receipt.
  • Grocery Store Programs – Pretty much every store has a rewards program or card you can get that enables you to save. Always ask to see if you are missing out on any savings.
  • Credit Cards – Find the highest paying rewards credit cards that offer 2-4% cash back and then use these when shopping for gluten free foods.


What are your best tips for saving money on gluten free products?

Leave a comment below and share your advice with the community! We want to know your best tips, tricks, and methods for getting gluten free products cheaper or even for free. Have any secrets? Comment to share. 🙂

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