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GlutenBee is a health site offering informational content that will help you learn more about gluten sensitivity, Coeliac disease and other gluten related diet issues.

We’re operated by a remote team of enthusiastic writers who each live and breathe the gluten-free lifestyle. Named a Top Wellness Blog by Fulfilled Wellness!

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The GlutenBee Team

GlutenBee was founded by Adam McIntyre & Michael Moloney in 2017. Both co-founders suffer from gluten related illnesses and became friends via an online forum for people with gluten-sensitivity.

After years of friendship and frustration at the lack of GF education online, the pair decided to give it a shot at starting their own gluten free blog.

Michael Moloney

Co-founder, Marketing & Relations

Thanks to his positive energy and people skills, Michael is the friendly face of GlutenBee.

Mike is a professional photographer & blogger from Boston, USA.

Mike has suffered with gluten-sensitivity since college and only received a diagnoses after years of self-testing, relentless research and strict diet testing. You can probably relate!

When he’s not taking pictures or meeting fellow gluten-free Bees, Mike enjoys travelling & baking gluten free cookies.

Adam McIntyre

Co-founder, Content Director

Adam is a full time graphic designer and die-hard beer love, who one day, learned he couldn’t drink beer anymore. So instead, he switch to red wine and cocktails.

Adam is our content director, which means he’s responsible for the educational articles that appear on GlutenBee. If there’s a spelling mistake or incorrect piece of information, you should definitely let him know.

Before being diagnosed with Coeliac disease, Adam’s doctors told him “You have IBS, you’ll have to learn to deal with it”.

It was comments like this from trusted doctors which lead Adam on a path of discovery which ultimately resulted in the birth of GlutenBee.