Ben & Jerry's Announces Certified Gluten-Free Flavors

Ben & Jerry’s Announces Certified Gluten-Free Flavors

Fans of Ben & Jerry’s with a gluten allergy/intolerance or Celiac Disease can rejoice, the company has officially announced the availability of 9 certified gluten-free ice cream flavors. Based on the press release, the company said the flavors will come to stores in the next few months. Each flavor with include the certified gluten-free label! … Read more

Gluten Free Infographic

The Rise of Gluten Free Products Infographic

The gluten-free food and product market has seen explosive growth. Consumers are spending more money than ever before on gluten free products for their meals and snacks. Brands like Glutino, Chick-fil-A, and others are capitalizing on this to grow their businesses. This is leading to a push for gluten free development worldwide as other companies scramble to develop new product lines.

The Specialty Food Association recently created this infographic to help illustrate the growth of the gluten free industry. Read more in-depth market and consumer data.

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Aldi Launches Gluten Free Products

Aldi to Launch Its Own Gluten Free Products

If you’re reading this article, I’m sure you already know how expensive gluten free products can be. Not only do you have to live with a difficult disease or allergy/intolerance, but you also have to pay more just to get food that you can have! Seems a little ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Well, that is going to change for the better soon!

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