The Rise of Gluten Free Products Infographic

The gluten-free food and product market has seen explosive growth. Consumers are spending more money than ever before on gluten free products for their meals and snacks. Brands like Glutino, Chick-fil-A, and others are capitalizing on this to grow their businesses. This is leading to a push for gluten free development worldwide as other companies scramble to develop new product lines.

The Specialty Food Association recently created this infographic to help illustrate the growth of the gluten free industry. Read more in-depth market and consumer data.


Reasons for Growth:

  • Major returns for companies investing in these fields.
  • Increase in Celiac Disease and gluten allergy diagnoses.
  • Large investments from Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Tesco. Along with support from other major brands worldwide including food stores such as McDonald’s,┬áChick-fil-A, and more.
  • Partnerships with grocery stores to distribute products along with more availability on sites like Amazon, Jet, and others.


gluten free infographic product industry growth


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