Are Klondike Ice Cream Bars Gluten Free?

Klondike makes the ever popular Klondike ice cream bars, which led to the advertising catchphrase, “What would you do for a Klondike bar?”. It also led to some pretty funny commercials! 🙂

This popular dessert brand is beloved by millions. So let’s find out if this sweet treat is gluten free!

Checking the Klondike website, the answer you get is “Nope.”

However, Klondike products’ not being gluten-free is less about the ingredients and more about the manufacturing facility. The company doesn’t operate an allergen-free processing plant, but it does have allergen management programs.

Allergen management programs prevent unintentional cross-contamination between products.

Klondike® products also adhere to strict FDA regulations on ingredients and allergen declarations. That means any allergens’ presence isn’t hidden using the terms “natural” or “artificial flavorings.”

Therefore, you can comfortably trust the product ingredient declarations.


So, is the Original Klondike® Ice Cream Bar gluten-free?

Looking at the ingredients, it certainly doesn’t have gluten-containing ingredients: nonfat milk, coconut oil, sugar, corn syrup, corn syrup solids, cream, whey, milk, chocolate liquor processed with alkali, cocoa processed with alkali, soybean oil, mono and diglycerides, guar gum, locust bean gum, natural and artificial flavor, carrageenan, soy lecithin, salt, caramel color, and vitamin A palmitate. also lists some other Klondike products that don’t contain gluten ingredients:

  1. Klondike Dark Chocolate Frozen Dairy Dessert Bar
  2. Klondike Double Chocolate Frozen Dairy Dessert Bar
  3. Klondike Dale Jr Checkered Flag Vanilla Chocolate Vanilla Frozen Dairy Dessert Bar
  4. Klondike Heath Toffee Frozen Dairy Dessert Bar
  5. Klondike Neapolitan Frozen Dairy Dessert Bar
  6. Klondike Mint Chocolate Chip Frozen Dairy Dessert Bar
  7. Klondike Reese’s Peanut Butter Dairy Dessert Bar

original klondike bar

Photo: Klondike Bar

On the other hand, these Klondike Bars contain gluten ingredients:

  • Klondike Brownie Fudge Dairy Dessert Bar
  • Klondike Oreo Frozen Dairy Dessert Bar
  • Klondike Krunch Frozen Dairy Dessert Bar

Klondike shares this statement on their FAQs page: “RECIPES CAN CHANGE. We strongly recommend that allergic consumers refer to ingredient declarations EVERY TIME they purchase processed foods.”

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