Shake Shack Gluten Free Menu Items and Options

Shake Shack is an American fast casual restaurant chain that started in New York City. Now, the burger chain has locations around the world including in many major cities and airports. Known for their Shack Burger and delicious Shack sauce, the burgers are massively popular.

Being so famous, and available in North America, Europe, Asia, and all over, many people all over are wondering . . .


What is gluten free at Shake Shack?

In this article and guide, we’ll highlight all the gluten free options available at Shack Shack. Want to see all the Nutritional Information about Shack Shack foods? Check out this page on their website.

On their website Shake Shack shares, ‘We’ll gladly accommodate a gluten-free diet at each Shake Shack upon request. Just ask the Shack team for assistance and they’ll be happy to help.’ 

One more thing to note. You can filter by allergens with the Shake Shack app to see what is safe for you! Get the Shake Shack app here.


Shake Shack Gluten Free Menu

These are all gluten free options we could find at Shake Shack. Notice anything missing or incorrect? Leave a comment below. This article was last updated: October 23, 2020


Gluten Free Buns

According to Shake Shack’s FAQs page: ‘Any burger can be ordered with a lettuce wrap, and most of our US Shacks offer gluten-free buns. Flat-top dogs can also be ordered with a lettuce wrap.’ Be warned this messaging is confusing though, because according to Shake Shack’s allergy page, NONE of their hot dogs are gluten free.


Meats and Poultry

Shake Shack offers various meats and poultry on the menu. Only the plain beef patty is labeled gluten free by Shake Shack. Even the cheeseburger is labeled to contain wheat

All other meats at Shake Shack contain or may contain gluten according to the Shake Shack allergy page.


French Fries

Shake Shack says ‘Please do not order our fries. The oils in our fryers are filtered through the same equipment as our ‘Shroom Burgers.’

The Shroom Burgers and other fried foods like their Chik’n bites are not gluten free and may be filtered in the same oil.



Unfortunately Shake Shack does not list any of their sauces on the allergy page except for Shack Cheese Sauce with is not gluten free. We recommend asking about: Shack Sauce, Mayo, and other toppings/condiments to confirm at the store.

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Shakes, Frozen Custard, and Concretes

Shake Shack offers a ton of different frozen custard flavors. According to their allergy page they state, ‘Frozen custard should be ordered without the cone, and make sure to double-check the ingredients of the “Seasonal Shakes” with our cashier before ordering. These mix-ins are safe to add: strawberry purée, chocolate toffee, marshmallow, fudge, caramel and chocolate sprinkles.’

Gluten Free Shakes

  • Chocolate Shake
  • Coffee Shake
  • Peachtree Shake
  • Strawberry Shake
  • Vanilla Shake


Summary of Gluten Free Menu Options at Shake Shack

Pro tips and a quick summary of everything gluten free at Shake Shack.

  1. Plain burger patty with lettuce wrap or gluten free bun.
  2. Ask about sauces, toppings, condiments to be sure.
  3. Fries are NOT gluten free due to cross contamination. Avoid if you have Celiac or a severe allergy.
  4. Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee, and Peachtree Shakes are gluten free.
  5. Floats are all gluten free.
  6. Ice cream in a cup is gluten free.
  7. Avoid the mixers due to cross contamination (with gluten toppings).

Shake Shack location Boston downtown crossing

Shake Shack location in Boston, Massachusetts. Photo by: Mike Moloney


More Information about Shake Shack

Looking for additional information about Shake Shack, their foods, and nutritional/ingredients facts? Here are some resources we’ve found:

Find a Shake Shack location near you on this page. Get the Shake Shack app here.

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